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God of the Machine

Chapter Five

They came on an old Humvee, which plowed over the rough terrain and through the snow with an ease that the electric cars back in the city would have struggled with. I stood beside Sergei, watching the sun rise up over the horizon as they rolled in. The wind was cold, but I couldn't escape back into the warmth of the shelter. I was captivated by the beauty of the sun--it was like watching life be created. Light spilled over the snow and bare forest, billions of diamonds sparkling in a kaleidoscope of colors, the spectrum seeming to burst right before my eyes.

"Is this Heaven?" I asked Sergei.

Had Donovan seen this before? He would have loved it. My eyes dropped to the ground and I wondered for the hundredth time if Eliza and Pit made it to safety. We hadn't had communication with them since Spire Tower.

"No, but it's the closest you'll get to it."

Sergei grabbed my hand and pulled me out into the cold, waving for the Humvee. They pulled up, snow crunching beneath the massive tires. In the distance I heard a distinct caw and turned to watch a large black bird fly down to a tree branch, perching precariously.

"What's that?" I asked, feeling like a small child giddy with excitement and wonder.

Sergei gave it a passing glance, but I could see the traces of a smile. "A crow. Come on, we got to go."

The door to the tan Humvee flew open and a lean man with glasses stepped out, his black hair pulled back into a thin ponytail. "Sergei, you made it!"

"Barely," Sergei said, stepping up to the man. "Dem will need repairs on his arm, and my shoulder is in need of stitches."

"And Donovan?" The man asked.

The air blew, as if stirred by the beyond, and for a moment I swore I could feel Donovan around me. I wrapped my arms around my body, wanting to escape the cold now. Sergei shook his head. "We lost him."

"I see." His voice dropped to a mournful level. "He was a good man."

"We need to get moving," Sergei said, pulling me up into the curl of his arm.

The man's eyes piercing black eyes jumped to me. "So this is him? This is D.E.M.?"

"Dem," I corrected, scrunching my nose.

He blinked, his obsidian eyes lighting up with mirth. They were sharp behind his sleek glasses, thin almond shaped hues with a slice of black lashes. "Of course," he chuckled. "My name is Shinji Sadamoto."

Shinji waved his hand and stepped aside to let us in. "We'll discuss everything once we're back at HQ. Let's not freeze out here any longer."

I piled into the Humvee, where another man was behind the wheel and a woman was sitting in the back. Sergei climbed in behind me, followed by Shinji, who slammed the door shut. "Let's go," Shinji said.

We drove in relative silence, the woman across from us looking over our bandaging and verifying the stitches Sergei and I would need. The Humvee rocked as we crossed the snowy fields. I didn't know what direction we were going, and I was only vaguely certain that it took an hour to get there, but when we pulled up to Metatron Headquarters, my back was hurting from sitting for so long.

We traveled onto one of the old main roads that had been abandoned when the walls went up. There was now only one road that people could travel, if they were given permission to leave the city. It was miles away from the desolate road we traveled on. This one was covered in snow, every now and then a rusted car popping up like metal shrub. We turned off on an exit and took the rood, following it to another private one lane road that lead to an open field surrounded by trees. HQ was an abandoned lab that loomed over the world like a monster made of concrete and glass. On top of its square frame was a glass dome, letting the sun in.

I leaned over Sergei to look out the window as we pulled up. There were two other Humvees lined up, covered in a layer of thick snow.

Shinji turned to look at me, his deep eyes softening around the edges. He had to be in his late twenties, still young and fresh in the face, but his eyes seemed to hold an endless fountain of age and wisdom. "This is your first time seeing the outside world, isn't it?"

I nodded, tearing my eyes away to look up at the massive building. A flock of birds flew overhead, too small in size to make out what kind. Sergei tugged me backwards and said, "you'll get to see it all soon enough. Come on. Let's get patched up."


I woke up feeling sluggish, stretching my tired limbs out. As soon as we walked into HQ, Shinji shipped us off to get looked over and patched up. After that we were given a very brief tour and shown to our bedrooms. I hadn't realized how tired I was still until I collapsed into my bed. Every part of me ached, even muscles I didn't realize I had hurt. My nose hurt. My eyelashes hurt. My heart hurt.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I knew I had to find Eliza and tell her. I sighed, sitting up and pulling the blankets around me, bundling up in their warmth. I missed Sergei's arms already. Sleeping in his strong embrace had been reassuring and calming. I was protected when I was with him.

Was this love?

I ran a hand through my hair, straightening some of my messy hair. I felt like ten years had passed. My life in Neo-Columbus was so far away, hidden behind a smoky glass.

"Well… might as well get things over with," I grumbled, climbing out of bed. I gathered the spare clothes Shinji had gotten for me and walked to the communal bathroom where shower stalls were set up. Once I was cleaned up and changed--sweat pants and a plain white t-shirt--I started looking for Shinji. He would be the one to know where Eliza was.

The Metatrons had gutted the old laboratory and refurbished it so it was modernized. I passed a few people as I walked down the hall, all of them looking at me as if I were some strange, exotic creature. It made me feel self-conscious.

I managed to hunt Shinji down in the lab's court yard, which was at the middle of the building. It was a thriving garden that was kept alive through an intricate system, much like a bio-dome. A koi pond was in the center with a trickling waterfall and leafy ferns were bunched together in various places, wild flowers scattered about as if someone had taken a fist full of seeds and tossed them out. They were flowers of all colors; fuchsias, violets, deep indigos, blues and fiery oranges--I couldn't name any of the flowers, I'd never seen a single one in my life. Flowers in Neo-Columbus were rare and ran on the mundane side.

I tipped my head back and looked out the large glass dome over head, spotting the sun escaping behind a gray cloud. It was a small slice of paradise placed within a dystopian world.

"Lovely, isn't it?" Shinji said, crouched beside the koi pond with his right hand dipped in. He was dressed in a black suit, minus the tie, his hair once more pulled back in a thin ponytail that trailed down his back. He rose up, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"Yes," I said, walking over towards him. He reminded me of a viper - a blend of elegance and violence, his eyes those of a killer. I was terrified of him in every way. The only comfort I had was that he was on my team. As long as I never pissed him off, I knew he would be a formidable ally.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, thanks… hey, have you seen Eliza?" I asked, realizing that I heard the soft singing of birds. I looked up in the trees, spotting a pair of golden finches perched within the branches of a cherry blossom. I couldn't help but smile at the sight of them, my heart suddenly feeling a little lighter.

"She's in her room."

"Did you… did you tell her?" I looked back at him, worrying my bottom lip.

He shook his head, brushing aside his long bangs. "I assumed you would want to tell her. Did I assume wrong?"

"N-no, no I want to. I just… don't know how to." My gaze dropped and the feeling of weightlessness I had seconds ago had left.

"You'll find the words." He seemed so assured, far more assured then I felt. I looked up, watching him walk a little closer. He moved gracefully, almost gliding across the ground, reminding me once more of a snake. "We got reports in from Spire Corp."

"You did? So soon?"

"The news has been advertising since the explosion. You guys caused quite the stir, but it was to be expected."

"What did the reports say?" I shifted from foot to foot, feeling like a little kid doing the pee dance.

Shinji blinked, arching a brow from my tiny, anxious dance. He smiled, warmth softening his hard expression. It quickly clouded over as he said, "Spire Corp reported our attack as a terrorist attack."

"What?" I gasped.

He shrugged, walking past me to a set of flowers low to the ground, their stems curling like a vine with rows of heart shaped red-violet blossoms. He crouched down, delicately touching the bloom. "Do you know what these are?"

"Pretty flowers?"

He snorted, gently stroking the flower with a bony index finger. "They're called Bleeding Hearts."

"Oh… okay…"

"Ever since the early millennia, the world has been preparing for a terrorist attack. We're so scared of it happening that every time there's a disaster, we're quick to blame. The government has been playing on that fear, building it up until we became what we are now--a state of paranoia, lost within our own fright, to afraid to see the world outside our four walls. Spire Corp has monopolized on the fear; they remind us constantly of what could happen with their walls and towers and warning bells.

"I knew they would use this as an excuse to gain more control over the people. Some might say we took a step backwards, aiding in Spire Corp's reign of terror."

"Did we?" Had this all been in vain? Had Donovan's sacrifice really been pointless? I wasn't sure I wanted to know anymore.

"Maybe," Shinji said softly, rising back up, "maybe we did help them, in an inadvertent way. But we also gained something."


"Pit was able to pull the latest status reports on all the Genesis Virus victims in catatonic states. No one realizes that Spire Corp monitors them closely, studying their brainwaves to see if there is any change in their state. People have already begun to wake up. The Catalyst has begun to work, ushering in a new age for the world."

"R-really?" I blinked, fingers curling into my shirt at my stomach. It worked? My heart sped up, excitement rushing through me like a swift wind.

"Yes." Shinji nodded. "People will soon realize what Spire Corp has done to them. This is only the beginning. With you at our side Dem, we just might be able to stop Spire Corp once and for all."

I laughed, not knowing what else to do. It was a joyful, bubbly sound that escaped me as easily as a breath. I felt all the stress of the last few days vanish with that single hope brought into light, like a new star being born. Shinji smiled and set a hand on my shoulder. "You did good."

He dropped his head and began to walk away, saying over his shoulder, "Eliza should be in her room. She's in room 3-B."

I watched him leave, a shadow evaporating behind a glass door. The golden finches took flight, rising high into the garden, trying to escape through the glass. I sighed, gathering myself and walking out. The door slid open and shut behind me and I walked back to the residential sector of the lab, trying to piece together what I wanted to say. How did you tell someone their husband was dead?

The hallway felt endless. It was so long and dark, leading to nowhere, leaving me wandering. Then I was in front of Eliza's room, standing there apprehensively, not wanting to knock.

I gave a knock and part of me wished that Eliza wasn't in her room. My heart was breaking all over again and I could only imagine how Eliza's would shatter. After a few seconds the door slid open. She looked like death had rolled over--her hair was tangled, circles under her blood shot eyes, her face puffy from tears. She knew even before anyone told her. Of course she would - Donovan didn't return when we did.

"Eliza…" I said softly, knowing that this one time I couldn't be helpless.

Her bottom lip trembled and she whimpered, trying to hold in tears she most likely thought she had run out of. She covered her mouth, trying to keep the sob from escaping and I wrapped my arms around her, cradling her against me. I didn't say anything because in the end, there was nothing to say. Apologizes and remorse would never bring Donovan back. He was gone and she never got a chance to say goodbye.

I don't know how long I held Eliza. We did move into the room and onto her bed, but she never moved from my side. Eventually she fell asleep and I tucked her under the covers. I wanted to take her pain away, I wanted to reach inside her and cup it in my hands and carry it back into my body. I couldn't take it though, I couldn't bear her burden. I could only offer a hand to help her hold it up.

I pressed a kiss to her forehead and walked out, door sliding closed behind me. I stretched my stiff body, exhausted and wanting to curl under a blanket of my own to cry under. Instead I walked to Sergei's room, which was right next to mine. I knocked on his door, trying to warm my cold body. Eliza's tears soaked my shoulder still and I felt like a caged golden finch, trying to fly through glass and out into the horizon.

I heard rustling and soft cursing and then the door swung open and Sergei leaned against the frame. He looked at me with bleary eyes. My chest squeezed and my breath hitched at the sight of him; he was wearing only a pair of sweats.

"Dem?" he asked groggily.

I opened my mouth, wanting to say something. Instead I threw myself at him, arms wrapping around his neck and lips finding his. He stumbled back a step but caught himself, his arms folding around me hesitantly. His grip tightened when he regained himself, bracing me against his body.

Out of all this, the only good thing that had come from it was him. I felt the string that connected us grow tighter, pulling me closer towards him. We were kindred spirits; how we were connected I didn't know, all I did know was that I was created for him. His whiskers tickled as I opened my mouth tasting his dominating tongue. He tasted like faded smokes and mint gum.

"Dem," Sergei said, accent thicker from his groggy mind. "Dem, what's wrong?"

"I need you," I whispered. With everything that happened, all I knew was that I needed him. I didn't want to think about anything else; not Donovan's body lying in a tunnel, not false terrorist reports, not a megalomaniac company destroying the world, not even lost souls waking for the first time in years. I wanted it all to fade away and the only person that could was my knight.

"Okay," he whispered, not demanding anything else. He reached down and lifted me up bridal style, arms hooked under my legs. He walked to the twin bed, dropping me down on it and climbing on top.

My stomach jumped as the mattress squeaked under the strain of the added weight. I pulled back, drawing in deep gulps, hands clutched to his broad shoulders. His hair tumbled over his shoulders, cleaned from a shower the night before. His shoulder was bandaged properly and I idly stroked the white cloth. Silently he stripped my shirt off, dropping his head to press a kiss to my own bandage. My heart felt like a humming bird frantically beating its wings.

I pushed myself up, nudging him into a sitting position. His hand lifted up, fingers running down the side of my face. I felt my insecurities come trembling out and I snatched his hand, holding it between both of mine. My hands felt so small in his. "Can we do this Sergei? Can we really stop them?"

He tilted his head to the side. If anyone had a reason to bring down Spire Corp, it was him. They destroyed his family, took from him his childhood. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to my forehead. "Yes."

"How can you be so sure?" I asked, voice rising, tight with unshed tears and pain.

"Because." He pulled back, looking at me with fierce blue eyes. "I won't stop until I do."

I drew his hand up, brushing my lips softly against his rough knuckles. He moved his hand away, cupping the back of my head and drawing me up for a proper kiss. Everything blew away, scattering in the wind with the swirling snow, lost in the twinkles of sunlight. I let the light in, warming me and burning away my fear.

We stripped our pants and I crouched in front of him, lowering my head so I was face to face with his engorged cock. I flushed, running my tongue over my lips, rolling my eyes up at him. He was watching, mouth slightly open, a shock of red against his beard. I opened my mouth into a wide 'o' and took in his head, swirling my tongue teasingly. It had been awhile since I had last laid with anyone, far too long. But now I wondered how I could have even slept with anyone else--this just felt right.

Sergei grunted and I liked knowing that I could make him do that. I paced myself as I took him in deeper, relaxing my throat so I could swallow up his inches. I wrapped my hand around his thick cock and began to move my head up and down, taking him to the back of my throat. My tongue curled around it, constricting like a snake trying to squeeze the life from his prey. Sergei tangled his hand in my hair, pushing my head down a little farther.

I pumped with my hand what I couldn't take in, rising up and licking up the backside of his shaft. He made another weak sound, deep 'nnh' as I took him once more into my mouth, trying to work him into a frenzy.

He took his other hand and pulled my head up with the one fisted in my hair. Saliva connected from my mouth to his tip as I looked up at him. He held his index and middle finger out to me and I sucked them up, licking them with flushed cheeks. He pulled his hand away and I dropped my head again, raising my ass into the air.

I could feel the pressure of his fingers against my entrance. He slipped his index in first and I made a weak sound, eyes fluttering closed. I kept moving my head, bobbing up and down, earning another grunt from him. He pushed in a second finger, beginning to scissor and curve his fingers. As soon as he hit the bundle of nerves at the end of my tunnel, I ripped my head back and let out a throaty moan, saliva dripping from my mouth.

Sergei began to pump his digits, working me until I was pushing back against his hand like a wild cat. He pulled his hand back just as I began to moan out, pushing me down against the bed, my head bouncing on his pillow. I looked up at him, panting heavily, sweat already beginning to form on my brow.

"Sergei…" I murmured, reaching up and rubbing a hand across his cheek, "my Sergei… I…"

His lips sealed over mine and I drew my legs back, throwing them over his shoulders. He held my thighs tightly, fingers pressed so deep I could feel his nails breaking skin. I made a keening sound, squeezing my eyes tight as he positioned himself. I knew it would hurt; I was far too tight and he was so big. He slid in, stretching me wide and forcing his way through my constricting channel, which was trying to purge him from my body. I cried out, grappling onto him tightly and pulling at his hair.

"Shh," Sergei murmured into my ear, not stopping until he was fully sheathed in my warmth.

I tried to take in calculated breaths, relaxing my body so I wasn't so tense. I could feel it all just seem to fade as he began to slowly rock, and I let my hands fall back, giving into him and casting caution aside. His hands uncoiled from around my slim thighs and he grabbed my hands, which were splayed above my head. Our hands curled together, fingers interlocked. He pressed them down into the pillow and began to thrust slowly up in me. I met each one, rising up as he came down.

This was how I wanted my life. I wanted to always be with him, hand in hand, always meeting each other half way. I opened my eyes and looked up, staring into his eyes--my eyes. I smiled, moaning out softly, arching when he found the right angle. It was a shock that ran through my body, a finger gliding through stars, trailing down across the sky.

We went slow, even though I knew he wanted to drill into me, edging our way into a state of insanity. It was sweeter, a greater height then one that could have been reached faster.

"Sergei," I called out.

I could feel myself building up and it was like walking the stairs to Heaven. With him above me, I could see the world and the utopia that it could be. Each thrust was another step forward.

"Nngh…" he groaned, head drooping as he began to pick up the pace a little. I knew he was close. His shoulders tensed, the muscles in his arms turning into solid granite. His fingers tightened around mine and I squeezed back, rolling my hips as if to entice him a little more.

Then all control was lost and he began to slam into me, pressing me down into the bed. I cried out, forgetting myself for a moment. I even forgot my name for a brief second. I released all over his stomach, screaming out as I climaxed. Sergei followed, marking me from the inside so I was truly his in every way. We never let go of one another, hands still locked together.

Sergei sagged over me once his climax tapered off. He panted into my ear and I laughed softly at the feel, nudging him to roll over. Exhaustively he rolled to the side onto his back. I laid there in silence beside him, moving so my head rested on his shoulder, fingers playing in the now damp curls on his chest.

I waited until my heart slowed before I talked, "Sergei… with everything that has happened…"

He didn't say anything. He just stroked my arm up and down with long, languid movements. I slowly pushed myself up, arms slightly trembling, and looked down at him. He met my eyes, waiting patiently.

"I don't want to be without you," I said.

"You won't."

I smiled, leaning over him. "What I mean is… I love you. I can't explain it, I just know when I look into your eyes, it's you I've been waiting for."

He lifted his hand again to cup my face and I turned to kiss the inside of his palm. He pulled my head down, kissing me softly, and said gently, "I've been waiting my entire life for you. I'll always be waiting for you, wherever you go. I'll protect you, from whatever comes."


"I love you too Dem," Sergei murmured, tugging me back down so I was laying on his chest. I snuggled in close, loving how comfortable he was. It almost felt like I was snuggling with a giant, albeit burly, teddy bear. "Now sleep."

It was an easy command to listen to. I was exhausted, drained emotionally and physically, and found my body giving into what it craved. I don't know how long I slept, but when I woke up it was dark outside. I pushed myself up and looked down at Sergei. He was still sleeping, head turned towards me, snoring faintly. I smiled and rose up from the bed, gathering the extra blanket that had been kicked to the floor during our ruckus. I wrapped it around my chest and walked quietly over to the window, cautious of waking Sergei.

My body hummed all over with life. I could still feel Sergei inside me. I could smell him around me. I sighed pleasantly and stepped up to the window, looking outside it. I don't know what I expected to see. I never expected to see Heaven.

The sky was a deep indigo - a rich color that blended from the deepest violet down to the softest blue along the border of the horizon, where earth began. The snow from what I could see glowed silver. But it was the sky that stole my breath. A moon hung above me, a thin crescent the color of spider webs, an ethereal halo around it. Scattered all over, as if someone had simply reached into a bag and tossed them about like rice seeds, were billions of stars. So many silver specks, diamonds hung up by invisible threads in the sky. They were nothing like the stars I had imagined, looking out my office window.

"So beautiful," I murmured, mesmerized.

"They are," Sergei said. I had been so lost in their beauty that I had forgotten about him entirely, not even noticing him waking.

I spun around to face him, eyes wide. "You're up."

He rubbed the back of his head, standing in front of me stark naked. I blushed, feeling like I should avert my eyes. He scratched his stomach and walked over to the window, standing next to me. "I told you it would be."

I turned to look back outside, staring up into the gates of Heaven. "But nothing could have prepared me for it."

"The entire world should see the stars." Sergei said.

I shivered, pulling the blanket tighter around me. Sergei shifted behind me, arms wrapping around my waist. I leaned back against him, feeling his heart beat. One star seemed to glow brighter than all the others. I watched it quietly, listening to Sergei's heart. I knew in that moment that I could never give up. Right now Spire Corp had taken the upper hand, but we had also received a small victory. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people were waking from their catatonic state. I held within me the answer to the Genesis Virus and the weapon that could stop Spire Corp. No matter what, I can't give up. I have to keep fighting - for Donovan, for Sergei, for myself, and for the world.

We had already won once. I knew that if we kept trying, we could defeat Spire Corp. And I would have Sergei beside me the entire way.

"They will," I said, smiling, "I'll make sure of it."

The End

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