Send in the Clowns

Twisting, twirling, soaring, flip-flopping, and flying through the air; and landing gracefully on a thin wire feet above the ground. The rush of adrenalin hits me and I feel like I'm flying through the clouds the earth far below me. The wind is in my face and I look down at all the people and they appear as nothing more than little tiny ants. The birds flying right beside me I'm hundreds of feet up were the sky is clear, crisp, and clean. Pale blue as far as the eye can see never needing to come down the sky in my home. I dance on clouds of cotton candy and little white wisps of smoke. The air cold from being so high up feels warm to the touch. I cannot contain the joy and excitement that I feel as I do flips on power lines, and land with ease on the tip tops of old old pine trees. And juggle the eggs of a robin and put them gently back in there right full place, as the bird flies happily beside me as I jump from tree top to tree top. But then I hear the call it's time to come down, I'm back on the forty foot tight wire and I'm taking my bow. I climb the latter to the floor and then


'Beep Beep Beep' I wake with a sharp intake of breath, sweat pouring down my face, and my whole body trembling. I can't seem to catch my breath I'm breathing so rapidly. "Oh My God" I say to myself as I sit up in my bed almost hitting my head on the bunk above me. "What is it Kayl" my sister asks from the top bunk of the two joint beds. "Nothing damnit shut the hell up and leave me the fuck alone" I bark annoyed at my sisters concern… I know that response was uncalled for and that I had no reason to be so mean or vulgar, but I know that if I tell her what it is she'll just mock me about it like she always does.

"What the fuck ever Kayl you can do whatever the hell you like you jackass I was just concerned for my baby brother" she says irritated at my erratic behavior. "Look I sorry Kit I didn't mean to… wait we're twins don't call me your baby brother. I say realizing what exactly it was she had said. "Oh come now baby brother I didn't mean anything by it" she says mocking me I knew it would happen and she doesn't even know what startled me.

"So Kayl" she chimes in interrupting my thoughts "What scared ya" she asks already starting with the mocking. "I… I wasn't scared I was just a little startled that's all" I say stumbling slightly over my words I close my eyes and I see them standing there again I shriek and open my eyes sweating and shaking again. "Oh really you weren't scared so is that why you wet the bed last night… or was it one of those dreams" she said emphasizing the word.

"Come now Kayl you know you can tell me anything were twins you know blood you can trust me" Kit says well jumping off of the top bunk of the bed and placing a reassuring hand on my shoulder. "Oh okay but you can't make fun of me all right" I say unsure of if I can trust Kit like she says I can but she is my twin so I guess I should be able to. "Okay well you know that um I'm you know scared of" I start "Yah yah I know" she interrupts "well you see in my dream I was an acrobat and I was spinning a twirling happily thought the air but then well the act was over and I needed to come down and well" I pause to take a breath "what what was it?" Kit asks impatient.

"Clowns Kit there were clowns all over the place every were I looked that's all that was in that place Clowns" There I finally said it

Kit falls to the floor laughing her pretty little head off damnit I knew this would happen I think as go off to the bathroom to clean up after the horrible HORIBLE night mare I just had.