Sitting in the dressing room, people teeming around back and forth, he looked down at the mobile device in his hand. He wasn't texting or playing some game app. He was looking at his screen. Just looking at it.


His screen lit up and the pictured appeared. There he stood, his arm around a girl. He smiled at the picture, remembering the day.


He stood in the middle of an Indiana pumpkin patch looking around at the orange dots that surrounded him. He hadn't gone to a pumpkin patch since he was 12, and growing up in Arizona he never actually went to a patch, it was more like Walmart. He stood there, a smile on his face. He was happy. For the first time, in a long time, he was truly happy. His band was fast-paced and gaining sucesse. He had great friends and family. A nice home and car. But the best of all? Her. It was her. She's the best thing. McKenzie.

There they stood, him and McKenzie, his girl. He surveyed his surrondings and the pumpkins, when suddenly she started dragging him to a nearby field. Crouching down she picked up the runt of the group and smiled. Looking up she found his smile of approval. Standing up she cradled the pumpkin to her chest. Hailing her sister, Beth, over he hands her his iPhone. Beth takes a step back as he puts his arm around McKenzie. She holds the pumpkin to her chest and leans into him, smiling. He ducks his head closer to her's and smiles too. Beth snaps the picture and hands the phone back. Gazing at the picture McKenzie whispers in his ear, "Our first pumpkin." and smiles at him, flooding all of his senses.


"John! John!"

He wakes from his memory and looks up from the screen.


"The show's starting."

"Okay. I'll be there..."

Taking one last look at the screen he puts the phone in his pocket. With one more memory of her smile he walks onto stage with a smile on his face.