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Those I considered my friends, my family

They surrounded me, splattered on the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. This place I used to associate with life and happiness now the epitome of sin and hurt. All I knew was I was on my own in a new land where nothing would ever be familiar or recognizable.

The only comfort was the fact that I had brought him down with all of them, that his mutilated body was buried among theirs. He would never be there to torment me again. Never would I have to run from him, on the brink of death, almost literally scared to death that my breath would give me away.

I, the "savior of the people", now left those I once loved strewn all over my childhood home. I would not be the one to lead them to their final resting place. I couldn't spare another second here or I would be locked up like that mad person I was.

I never deserved that name. I'm a coward who runs away and when I do fight no one beside I make it out anywhere near alive. Finesse, that's what they called my fighting style but I call it mass murder.

From someone else's point of view they would see a blood soaked girl with silver hair sneaking out of a house, only to be illuminated by a stray spotlight. If they looked close enough they would see that she was crying, but grinning madly too. They would see the way she limped and the blood pouring from a wound right below her knee. They would see her walk to the corner and disappear like the flame of a candle that has no oxygen. Poof.