Breeze Against My Face

"Jump on in, the water's fine!"

Some voice inside me comments

That it's the driest bit of water I've ever seen.

But, I trust them all, my peers

And so I immerse

And thus begin

A period of desperate effort

To be free

From the quick sand I am in.


Has my trust been in vain?


Sincerity is not their fault.

They share with me the sum of all they've known.

Generations of toil in this place;

They do not know the ocean

That lies just beyond this dune,

Or the refreshing breeze that blew against my face.


For many years I struggle,

Sinking further in the pit,

When all it takes to be at peace

Is float.

A voice from outside calls me,

Gently coaching so I may,

A male voice, like the ones that called me in.

But lo, I feel so vulnerable

To the forces I have known.

How can one attempt this and not sink?


Trust builds slowly

As my efforts in fear are weak,

But over time

My courage mounts

And I succeed.

The infinite expanse

Of starry sky

I see before me

Touches deep into my soul.

I am in awe.


The voices of my peers,

Female now,

Call to me.

They seek to keep me safe from what's without.

They speak of toil,

Relentless effort

That's needed just for life.

And here,

At peace,

The breath of wind I smell is fresh and clean

And suggests a joyous world beyond this place.


"How can your man be leading right?

He leads not to where we are;

He is not working hard

To stay afloat."

They do not know his stance

Is firm upon the ground.

They have no thought of what I smell,

No jog of memory

To wish the feel of breeze against my face.


I move toward the shore, ever closer to his voice,

Now joined with female voices calling me.

Excitement mounts,

But yet I feel alone.

Would no one join me as I leave this place?

How can I help them know

The joy of breeze against my face?

- - -

On my way,

I meet another learning how to float.

Oh what joy! Let's be a team!

But so soon have I forgotten

It takes more than a day

To rise again.

My anxiousness has pushed her further in.

I'm on my own.


Having reached the shore,

I turn and roll-

The ground's beneath my feet!

I'm free!

I stand up to embrace my loving friends.

But alas!

My muscles shake

And I collapse.

I don't remember how to stand.

I'm only used to struggle in the sand.

Tears overflow.


A gentle touch,

His outstretched hand

Helping me to rise;

I feel comforted, but weak to try again.

The breeze around me strengthens;

It brings energy to me

And I can try,

And stand.

On shaky legs

I lean upon his shoulder,

Ever grateful for him there

And the firmness of his arms that cradle me.

I'm not alone.


I look back upon the pit.

A whole new picture greets my eyes

My vantage point is high,

And now I see

The struggles of the voices calling me.

A web of ropes

All tied as one

Reaches out for them to hold

Over pits that stretch as far as I can see

Why, then, can't they come and join me?


"A handhold on the safety net

Is precious,

But having that

They cannot understand the need to float,

And fear of floating

Keeps them fighting endlessly."

He tells me quietly.

Thoughts of endless dear ones

Bring yearning to my face.

I sing out

For them,

And my familiar voice

Is carried on the wind.


Its time to go.

My steps are weak,

Still leaning heavily.

I give him all my hopes and dreams.

So tenderly,

He gives them back to me,

And helps me find

My own footing

In the sand.

Oh, what a man!


He helps me up the bank,

Voices ringing in my ears:

My own voice

And the voices from behind.

The trek is slow;

I stop a lot,

Unsure of where to go-

Still fighting

Opinions from below.

He smiles at me.

The wind behind my back is strong

And I am strong.

- - -

Finally at the crest,

My world opens into light.

This sand is soft,

And warm,

So unlike the moonlit coolness that I've known.

I feel the sun on me;

It's hot!

And I remember voices

Warning me

That I'll get burned.

The breeze feels good;

I breathe it in.


Ahead of me, the waves I hear

Crashing on the beach,

A multitude of people all around.

They are beautiful-

Not pale, like me.

I shrink to hide my form.

But their voices welcome me

To frolic in the sand.

Their fire

Warms and frightens me-

An ocean wells up

Inside my heart;

I must immerse.


At the water's edge I waver,

Afraid to step within,

Still haunted by the quicksand

Past the dune.

What's in this water?

Will I drown?

Do I have to step inside?

Once in there,

Will I ever come back out?

Female voices now surround me,

Also anxious for the plunge-

My heart lightens

And I am free

To dive in.


Glorious swirls of life

Envelope me,

Like breeze in solid form,

And I find, by very nature,

I can swim.

The world is before me-

I can dive into its depths

And be at peace.

No creature bothers me.

There is wonder everywhere;

It is magical.


And yet,

So many drifting souls

Are battered by the waves,

And cannot seem

To get back to the shore.

I wonder Why?

My own hand

Extends to offer help-

The turbulence gets calm not far below.

Though glad they are to take it,

No one wants to hold their breath-

They've been hurt before

By sharks that swim below.

And so,

We try another way.


Still battered by the waves,

We start our trek

Toward the shore,

Where they can rest in sun

And be at peace.

From experience with quicksand,

My swimming strokes are strong

And confident.

They marvel at the headway

We can make.

I tell of freedom

In the deep;

They share with me the sun-

I get a tan.


One by one,

With confidence,

Each takes a breath

And goes below-

Braving deep attack

With stronger stroke.

I know

They'll make it to the shore.

But as they go,

So goes my heart,

And I am drawn to follow them.

I know where

I want to be.

- - -

Upon the beach,

Much laughter rings;

A party is going on.

And once again,

I hear them call my name:

"Come dance with us!

You're beautiful!

We're playing in the sand!"

My heart is overflowed

With Joy!

I can stand tall

And join in.

It is wonderful!


I am alone no more,

And I am free-

But one thing yet remains…

A yearning to explore


And so I look to see the stars,

And there I find the sun;

I am dazzled by brightness-

I can walk forever

In its warmth.

And feel the breeze…

So sweet on me.


Ah, the motion!

So gentle,



I am carried up

On wings of love-

Pure energy,

In every fiber of my being.

I open up

In an embrace;

And I can fly.

I am the wind.



And Joyful,

Having found myself


I have mastered all the scene

I now survey.

Enfolded in

The very arms of heaven,

I know the pits below-

Each person,

So alone,

In a crowd of humanity.

I feel their energy.

It's like

Missing part of me.


With scent of hope

I blow against their faces…

Some can feel it,

I am glad!

But some can not.

They need

A friendly voice.


Taking form

I know that they can see,

I am a child on the sand.

I love them all,

And as I look to them-

Their pleading cries for help are calling me.

So I jump in.

- - -