With Love

(Especially for our parents)

When as just a little child we come into your care

to learn the things we need to live and love those everywhere,

With all the faith and trust and hope our hearts can then bestow

we place our lives within your hands to help us learn and grow.

With shining eyes and open hearts we learn from day to day

to follow in your footsteps so that we may know the way

To shape ourselves, improve our thoughts, grow and then become

the person we would want to be, a help to everyone.


It means so much when through our lives the faith we've put in you

is answered with a loving heart, with effort good and true-

When though it's hard you give your hand to help us on our way

so gently and unselfishly and for our lives you pray;

That we may learn and understand the path ahead to take

you guide us ever carefully with every step we make,

Forever helping us along with love that blossoms bright

encouraging us up the steps that lead toward the light.


And then with patient love and joy you help us walk ahead

supporting as we try to find the path for us to tread,

With all the love you have to give, you send us on our way

knowing that where're we go that love will always stay-

All the patience, care, and hope we've known throughout our lives-

the joy and tenderness we've felt- are in our mind's archives,

For as we go along our path the memories that we pull

will bless our lives and strengthen us and help our hearts be full.


Now as we've grown with faith and trust in you throughout the years-

your love unfailing as we've grown through all our joys and tears,

We've learned to love and give ourselves for others on their way

hoping they can do the same as they live from day to day.

Gathering all the love we have from hearts now overflowing

we send to you our greatest thanks for love throughout our growing-

You've blessed our lives too much to tell and all throughout our days

we'll strive to share that love anew in those wonderfully loving ways!