The Biggest Loss
By Justin Shaffer


You left without saying goodbye
And I know you wouldn't wanna see
The silver tears fall from our eyes
But you know that it's, it's so hard to deal
With the pain knowing you're not here
Anywhere, you should be there
Right by our sides, yeah

Why did you have to go so young?
Your song had not been sung
Now we'll never know, my friend
What you would have had ahead

You had a bright future, I know
But some things, they never show
And the things we never saw
Were the biggest loss of all
(end chorus)

I remember when I heard the news
And I couldn't believe it
No, it couldn't have been true
I took for granted that life is not just handed
To us, or to anyone

And I know that you are watching somewhere
Smiling, but that doesn't make it any more fair
That you're gone and we don't have the answers
But I wanna know, I wanna know, oh I gotta know…

(chorus x2)