Have you ever had a time where you just wanted to find the nearest abyss and fling yourself into it? Just let yourself free fall and have all the stress melt away until you hit the bottom? Well, for me, that's like every day. Living in this crazy freak lab and being subjected to useless, overall annoying tests. Last week, it was needles, the week before, strength, this week, it's brain power, intellect or keep shoving test papers in my face or hooking up cords to my brain.

But I think they're simply avoiding the main thing that everyone can actually see...The wings, that is.

I've taken a long look at them myself, when they actually had me near a mirror. Big and feathery and actually there. They were a light, tan color, and reminded me of the only bird I'd ever seen in my life, a Robin. So I decided to start calling myself that.

Back in my cage, as I was picking at the reinforced plastic corners, a door opened and light flooded the room. What was the point of looking over? I was the only one here by now, so there was no doubt they were coming for me. I was right, of course, because some one lifted my cage, then opened the door to pull me out. I would have landed on my face, were it not for my sense of balance. When I looked up I saw a big, mean-looking guy in a gray coat. He grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the room into the insanely bright hallway.

Even so, I didn't dare cover my eyes. The last time I couldn't see, they''d caught me and shoved me into this insane world. More than anything, I wanted to smash my fist into something, or someone. But not this guy, he could throw me down the hall, easy. So I waited, letting myself be dragged off to whatever.

It was an experimentation room, big surprise. He ordered me to sit on a cold, metal table-like thing, and with a growl, I did. It was just as burning cold as I thought it would be, but there was no time for me to whine about that when several other scientists walked into the room with clipboards, one with a table of needles and other things that were on my list of 'Hates Most'. I ground my teeth.

The big guy had made his way behind me, then grabbed my arms, pinning them to the side. No matter how much I struggled, he wouldn't let go, and a metal collar was placed around my neck. I almost absolutely panicked. There was the sound of escaping air, then something cold pressing against my neck.

A shock collar...

Now, more than before, they were just treating me like an animal, like some useless animal!

One scientist tapped the collar with his pencil, and I lunged forward, biting his hand. That's when they all freaked. I leaped up to stand on the table, extending my wings, knocking the big guy away from me. But there was a shout of 'Clear!' before I felt a jolt, everything went black...all over again...


I'm a boy, and being rough is what boys do, isn't it? They didn't whine or get all emotional, but God, did my head hurt. If I could move, I would have put my hands against my head to stop the constant rattling...rattling...?

I was strapped down to a table, being rolled somewhere as the people around me spoke in what seemed like gibberish, until one voice got more distinct.

"He's still young!" They called out. "We don't have to do this, think of all the things we could learn!"

For their own benefit, gee, thanks guy. Or...lady. Whatever. I couldn't move my head, there were still black spots in my vision anyway. And when I tried to speak, it felt like I had a mouthful of syrup. Then everything stopped moving. There was more useless gibberish before I could feel myself turning in a circle and heading in the opposite direction, this time slower. Even though I struggled to stay up, the constant shifting lulled me back to unconsciousness.

Someone was...touching my wings, brushing over them. Even though I was still half way out, I didn't appreciate that.

Finding that I was no longer strapped down, I built up my strength and did my best to jump up, immediately in 'kill someone' mode. Unfortunately, I only managed a weak stand and then a tumble to the linoleum floor. Directly onto my face. Pathetic.

"Relax." Someone said, a chick. "I'm one of the few that isn't here to hurt you."

I tried standing again, this time succeeding, and scowled at her with all I could. But man...she was actually pretty.

"And just why should I believe you? All the scientists here want to hurt me. I don't even know you."

"Ah." In one super-amazing movement to my eyes-which had been completely hot-girl less for a while-she brushed her curly, black hair from her face. "I'm Samantha. Samantha Goodwin, and..." She looked around for a moment before leaning closer to me. "I'm here to help you spring this place."

If I weren't such a collected person, I would have gasped. I would have absolutely freaked and grabbed her by the shoulders to shake her back and forth and scream 'How?? How!?'. But that's exactly what I did not do. Okay? 'Cause I'm collected...

She told me to quiet down, then pulled something from some hidden place on her.

"I can't free you right this moment, but here's a little taste of freedom. From a close friend of mine."

It was a little tub with a top that read 'W-h-i-p...'.

I looked up to her. "Whipped cream?" She nodded.

"You've never tried it, have you? Either way, after being in this lab for so long you'd probably want a taste of something other than slop."

My hand unconsciously went up and began scratching my arm. I looked from her to the tub of whipped cream, wondering if she poisoned it or whatever. How was I supposed to know this wasn't some sort of evil scientist trick? Or maybe a test.

...But thinking back to the food they give me...

I snatched the whipped cream from her and tore off the lid, then shoved it all into my face. Light, melts in your mouth, I practically moaned at how amazing it was after so long. When it was almost all gone, I used my fingers to get the extra out of the sides. Samantha giggled, but I could only just barely hear that with the pleasant tingles I had just from the whipped amazingness.

"Anyway," I licked my index finger. "How exactly do you plan to get me out of here?"

"Well, you probably don't know this, but some experiments are let out to a courtyard behind the labs. Only the ones that they find stable."

I hadn't known that. "Yeah, and?"

"And," She continued. "I could persuade some people to think you're on of the stable experiments."

I sighed, already completely hopeless. "I'm sure they've tried to escape a GAZILLION times already, what would make me any different?"

"Not only do you have wings, but you're constantly developing new skills and abilities, you're getting smarter. I read your papers, they say you have a certain ability that could help you a lot in escaping."

That caught my attention. "And what exactly is this ability?"

"Simple, you can dissolve through things."

Even though I was completely shocked, and just a little elated, the main thought in my head was...

It sure sucks that I didn't know that before.