There's this certain little person

And I know he's not normal

He's got two giant antennae

His language is always formal

His skin is oddly colored

It's a greenish sort of hue

And you can't help but fidget

When his three eyes stare at you

His name doesn't make sense

It's not the least bit masculine

Don't laugh when I say it

But he goes by "Betty Finn"

He behaves out of the norm

And people are often scared

When he reveals his third eye

And stares without a care

There's no doubt he's weird

I have undeniable proof

He stares at the sky every night

And sits on top of my roof

But that's not all the evidence

There's more to it than that

He often crawls on the floor

And sniffs out my two cats

But here's the real jaw-dropper

He actually comes from afar

In fact, you would never guess

That he's my friend from Mars.

Kind of an out-of-the-blue ending, huh? Sorry. PLEASE REVIEW! Or Betty Finn will stare at you.