Sometimes I feel like you're a mere spectator.

Sometimes it seems like you're a heartless dictator.

Look at this world of yours!

Look at what we people have to endure!

Every day terror strikes our hearts, thanks to terrorism and war.

Every day death strikes millions across the globe, near and far.

You take away so many lives, and their poor families suffer.

To all the mothers left with empty hearts, tell me,

What condolence can you possibly offer?

Why do you kill your own children?

Streams of blood flow, who knows where and when!

You never kill people who chose the wrong way.

Innocent people are dying every day.

Mines explode, volcanoes awaken, Tsunami strikes.

You shatter our feeling of security, destroy our heart's dykes.

Tornadoes and hurricanes blow away towns to bits and pieces.

Fire grabs so many souls, so many life-lamp extinguishes.

You even shake the ground under our feet through earthquakes.

Tell me, what else can possibly be left for us to take?

This needs to end.

Please send us a friend!

Let's all say que sera

To this twisted era

That's taking away so much from us!

Take away this violence and blood lust!

Lead the way, we'll follow.

Pour your love, our hearts are hollow.

Take us closer to you God.

Remind us of the things we forgot.

We want to change for the better.

We want a brighter future.

And tell me what I'm supposed to do!

I refuse to sit idle! I want to serve you.

Listen to me, I won't be ignored!

My heart's swelling, I can't take it anymore!

Please show me the purpose of my life,

The reason why I was born.

I promise that I will work for it,

Embrace it, adorn.

A/N: I don't like questioning God, but I'm a rational being, so sometimes I do.