This is written in the style of Dr Suess, so contains some slightly made up words ^^

Did you ever consider the pain that you'd cause?
That your plan wasn't perfect and might contain flaws?
That you could take things slowly and weigh options up,
Instead of leaping the fence to the cruel and corrupt?

No, you chose haste and jumped straight to the top,
No time to think what you'd do when you stopped.
You didn't cross any t's and you dotted no i's,
Didn't think of their roles in this plan you'd devised.

And you're up there, tell me, how is the view?
Are proud and impressed of how high you flew?
The altitude's unexpected, the weather is cold,
The fall's a long way if you miss a foot-hold.

If you stumble or slip you won't come back here,
That's a small comfort to inhibit the tears.
Don't worry about coming back to the start,
If you fall you'll fall much further down than these parts.

With a crash as you land, your crash-landing is done,
You've fallen so low that you can't see the sun.
Look to the skies, that's where you once flew,
Had you flown slightly slower we'd have been there with you.

When your wings became weak we'd have lent you a hand;
When the journey was long we'd have led you to land;
When danger came near we'd have sent out a flare;
When it all seemed so lonely, we'd have simply been there.

But when we turned round, you'd taken our provisions,
Left us with nothing, left our supervision,
You ran into the night and in moments took flight,
To face – on your own – all manners of plight.

And then, on your own, you might face a dilemma;
A dilemma so dilemma-cal it you'd feel the Earth tremor.
If we were there we would know what to do,
But we aren't there, now, are we? No, it's just you.

So pay attention to footing and make sure not to fall,
You'll have to keep going, there's no time to stall.
Make sure there's no problems, no faults or defects,
No pain, no stress, no penitence or regret.