Maxine knew should have thought twice about going to the nurse. Of course, she would notify her mom and of course, she was going to ask a dozen questions. As soon as Maxine walked through the front door, she saw her mother waiting for her with concern etched across her face.

"So, what happened exactly? Are you all right? Do I need to go to the school? Are you being bullied?" she asked, firing off round after round.

"Mom! Calm down. I was playing soccer with Ryan and one of the guys hit the ball a little too hard. It's just a little bruising but I'll be fine" Maxine replied, walking over the couch and putting down her book bag.

"Here. Let me see" she said, lifting up my shirt. She groaned as Marissa examined the purpling scar. "Did you ice it?" she asked. Maxine nodded and she walked towards the kitchen and came back with ice in a zip-loc bag.

She took the ice from her grasp and winced as she pressed it against her warm skin. "Just lie there for a few minutes and I'll come back and check on you," she said strictly.

Maxine nodded her head and leaned back against the soft cushions, thinking about Audrey the entire time. She wanted to know how Audrey and Taylor even became involved with each other. She didn't know why Audrey wouldn't try to stick up for herself against her parents.

It wasn't that she was upset that Audrey was engaged; it was the fact that she was engaged to an Oleander.

The Oleanders were a powerful family and even though their company Oleander's Creations only funded young geniuses; they still found a way to end up on top.

Taylor was the 5th and last son to Mitchell Oleander and as the last son, was not entitled to many of the royalties that his older brothers were. So he lashed out whenever he could and often, Mitchell Oleander had to bail his son out of some kind of trouble.

Taylor just had a way of trying to get attention from everybody, whether it was stealing his father's car or showing up drunk to his little sister's play. Not only was Taylor a problem, but also his family was very corrupt.

His oldest brother, Dalton, began selling off the plans of certain inventors to corporations so that they could get money off of it, those paying Dalton. Dalton spent some time in jail because of this act.

Then there was Jeff. He became addicted to the money and gambled his fortune away. They still have no idea where he is. And after Jeff was Michael, he married one of the inventors in order to get half of the credit of her invention.

And so on and so forth, the family was just crooked and Taylor was no different from any other Oleander in his family. So why did Leo and Madeline want Audrey to marry into this family?

Maxine shook her head as sleep began to take over. She would think about all of this later. But just before she fell asleep, she remembered one very important thing Audrey had said.

"Tell me you love me"


Ryan walked down the street with his messenger bag slung around his shoulder. Being the son of a hockey player sometimes had its advantages but the only really advantage was that playing hockey with his dad kept him in shape.

He plugged in his earphones to his iPod and was about to cross the street when Judy Chandler grabbed his arm. Ryan looked over at her and smiled. "Judy Chandler? To what due I owe the pleasure" he said, putting on his usual charm.

"I saw you playing soccer with Taylor, Jeremiah, Carson, that new girl, and Jared. You were good out there," she said, running her hand on his arm.

Ryan could tell Judy was trying to flirt with him. She was making it painfully obvious and he was beginning to wonder if maybe, he should just walk away and ignore her since she was Maggie's half sister.

But then again, this was Judy Chandler. When would he get another chance to try and tap that?

Ryan crossed her arms and looked at her. "Oh really? Well, I don't think it's fair that you saw me with my shirt off…and yet I haven't seen you. I think you should at least even the odds, if that's ok with you?" he teased.

Judy smirked at him and grabbed him by the end of his shirt. "My mom won't be home for awhile. Maybe I could show you up close" she said huskily. Ryan looked around as she pulled him along and as soon as she opened the door, his lips were on hers.

Judy pulled at his shirt and Ryan quickly tossed the shirt on the ground and ran his hands over her waist. Judy moaned and pulled him down towards him, kissing him deeply as they tried to climb the stairs.

Judy unbuttoned her shirt and Ryan groaned in annoyance before ripping it off of her. Ryan pushed her on top of the bed and she giggled when he ran his tongue up her body, slowly kissing up her neck.

Judy reached for his jeans and began pulling them down while Ryan did the same for her. Judy groaned when he pushed against her roughly and she ran her nails down his back.

Ryan trudged off his pants and kicked them off the bed while slipping his boxers down. Judy spread her legs to make room from him and began taking off her pink thong.

Ryan cupped her face and kissed her deeply as he entered her. Judy threw her head back and moaned, wrapping her legs around Ryan's waist pulling at her bed sheets. Ryan thrust deeper inside of her and groaned at the heat building between them.

"Oh God! Ryan!" she moaned, holding him closer. Ryan didn't know why the thought of Maggie actually came to mind when he heard Judy moan. Almost like he had heard the sound before…but where?

Ryan shook his head and gripped tighter to the bed, trying to lose himself in the sex but he couldn't. He was only thinking about Maggie. He sighed and knew that he couldn't go any further with this.

"Judy…I can't do this" he groaned, pulling out of her and pulling up his boxers. "W-W-What? Why not? You were doing fine. I mean, really fine. Why are you stopping?" she asked, sitting up and watching as he put on his pants.

"Because I can't do this Judy. I thought I could but for some reason I can't. It's not that you're not hot. I mean, you are. You're fucking sexy but I'm friends with your half-sister and this just doesn't feel right" he replied.

Ryan walked downstairs with Judy trailing him and picked his shirt up off the ground, pulling it over his shoulders. "Ryan, hold on. She doesn't have to know. I wont tell anyone," she said desperately, trying to stop him.

"Maybe you don't know this but who I have sex with, always becomes everybody's business. I'm sorry Judy. If I didn't know Maggie, I would have done this with thinking" he said, opening the door to her house and walking out.

"Ryan! Ryan I promise I won't tell! Ryan" Judy yelled after him but he continued walking back towards his house. "You better be glad you talked me out of fucking your sister, Maggie" he said to himself.

Ryan put his earphones back in and turned on his iPod, wondering why Judy's moan sounded so familiar.


Taylor chuckled to himself as Audrey frowned at him. "I can't believe you. Why won't you go home?" she growled, shoving at him. "Awww, come on Audrey. Why can't I spend some time with my fiancée?" he teased, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Get the hell off me" she yelled, pushing away from him. "Why? Cause I'm not your precious Maxie?" he hissed in anger. "That's exactly why. Only Maxie can touch me like that. Only her" she said, turning her back on him and walking towards her kitchen.

"Oh please. In a couple months, Maxie will still not get the hint and then you will be all mine. I have to say, for once, I agree with your mother. This bet was the best idea she ever had," he said, smirking at her.

"She will admit how she feels about me and when she does, I'll be long gone from you and from my parents!" she said, lashing back at him. "What makes you think she feels the same huh? Because you guys fucked?"

Audrey's eyes widened in shock and he laughed. "I'm not dumb Audrey. I can see that there's some type of sexual tension between the two of you and the way you've been all over her, I can tell that you let her in those $200 panties of yours. I'm kind of upset that you let her touch something that's rightly mine" Taylor said, running his hand over her legs.

Audrey inhaled sharply and he kissed her neck. "Taylor…stop!" she said, pushing away from him. "Why should I? You know you like it Audrey. Come on; show me what I have in store once we turn 21" he whispered in her ear.

Audrey mumbled something and he paused. "What was that?" he asked. "You're not Maxie! So don't fucking touch me" she replied, pushing him away violently and walking out the door. Taylor scoffed and watched her go.

"Hmmm. Looks like I'll have to try a bit harder" he said to himself.


"Audrey…ha…come on, stop…you can't do this right now".

Maxine chuckled as Audrey laid on top of her in her bed. "Why not?" Audrey sighed, playing with her hands. "Because I'm still trying to cure my aching body" Maxine replied, laughing when Audrey pouted.

"How about you let me play sexy nurse with you?" she asked, pulling at her shirt. Maxine raised her eyebrow at her and smiled. "I remember us playing nurse as children but we definitely never played sexy nurse" she said, rolling over to look at her.

"Well, I think we should start a new game" she said, pushing her back and straddling her waist. Maxine looked up at her as Audrey slowly pulled up her shirt. "I think you're just doing this to get me shirtless" she teased.

Audrey smirked and put her hands on each side of Maxine's head. "Well, maybe I am because I…" she paused, hoping that Maxine would catch on and say those three words.

"Like seeing me shirtless?" Maxine finished, putting her hands on Audrey's waist. Audrey sighed and shook her head.

"Normal people would be enjoying this. Having a beautiful girl on top of them," she said. "Seeing as we're not together, it's a bit weird," Maxine teased.

Audrey paused and her heart began racing. "Do you…want us to be together?" she asked. "I…I think things are best the way it is right now. Plus, I don't really think being in a relationship with you right now would…amount to anything" Maxine replied softly.

"Why? Because I'm engaged to Taylor"

"Yes, because you're engaged to Taylor and I don't want things to get complicated for you because I…"

Audrey crossed her fingers and held her breath, once again hoping. "Because I'm trying to become friends with you again, Audrey" she added.

Audrey felt like hitting Maxine with the way she kept stringing her along. She decided it was time to limit the playing field.

"Kiss me"


"I said kiss me"

Audrey grabbed the back of Maxine's neck and passionately kissed her. She pulled herself on top of Maxine as she deepened the kiss. "A-Audrey…stop" Maxine groaned. "No!" she said sharply.

Maxine felt herself falling slowly into Audrey. She wanted more of her and she didn't know why. Why exactly had she kissed Audrey 2 years ago? There was such emotion behind all of Audrey's kisses. It was almost like she was trying to tell her something.

"What happened while I was gone, Audrey?" she whispered, pulling away from her slightly. Audrey looked into her eyes and sighed, putting her forehead on Maxine's shoulder.

"It…It all started when my mom walked in on us…"

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