Hello, If you've clicked on this thank you because hits are wonderful things. This story is told in alternating points of view the first is told from the point of View of Kate a woman who was banished form her family who was very religious because she stood up for herself. The second is told from Gabe her 15 year old brother whom she hasn't seen in 5 years , who is kicked out of his family for being Gay. This story touches on far to many Genres than can be chosen. I also believe in Karma and if you read and review mine I will be glad to review yours. Thank you and Enjoy


It is past 1am when I hear a knock at the door; it is loud and intrusive and startles me out of my sleep, something that I value almost more highly than my life. I groaned and sunk farther into my pillow willing the intrusion to be just a nightmare. As the knocking persists I firmly convince myself that the knocker will just go away because it can't possibly be anyone who I know. Anyone I knew would already know that if they truly want to tell me anything they can either send me an e-mail or call at a reasonable hour. The person obviously does not get it and the knocking persists until I am fully awake and flopped over onto my back my eyes narrowed at the ceiling as if willing god to strike me down.

I look over at the love of my life who can hear a car alarm three blocks away but can't seem to hear the obnoxious knocking, instead pretending to be asleep knowing I won't wake him because, he's had a very hectic week at work and I feel sorry for him. I groan again and not so playfully hit him with my pillow before crawling out of the bed and pulling on a pair of sponge bob Pajama bottoms and one of his shirts. I sent one fleeting look toward the bed giving him one last chance to be a gentleman before descending down the hallway fully intent on killing the person on the other side of the door. I fumbled with the three locks on the door that were supposedly necessary for our safety despite the fact that we had a door man and a police station just 2 blocks away. I flung open the door open the door only to come face to face with the last person on earth I expected to see, my mother.

I hadn't seen my mother in years 5 years 8 months and 29 day to be exact, the day of my banishment. And in all that time I hadn't received a letter a phone call or an e-mail. Though I doubted my mother knew how to e-mail. The microwave alone had always given her problems. Of course that didn't mean that I'd just accepted my banishment. I'd sent letters and countless phone calls. I sent gifts on everyone's birthdays paying special attention to holidays where I'd spend hours in a store trying to buy presents for people that I no longer knew. Needless to say I was speechless. And now here she was the very woman who'd given birth to me, who was the cause of countless hours of therapy who I'd finally resigned to never ever seeing again, at 1:28 in the morning.

"What did you do to your hair", she asked, in the exact same voice that she'd always had startling me I instinctively reached up to grab the hair in question, obviously not at full mental capacity. I pulled a long strand before my eyes.

"I uh, dyed it", I said after a moment my mother gulped and I saw her hand shake with anger. My hair had always been long and thick, my family had often joked calling it light bright almost white blonde, and once upon a time it had been my pride and joy so much so that it had always hung past my waist before I even let anyone touch it, And after twenty years Id needed a change. I'd cut it to just past my shoulder blades and dyed it a never before seen on a human head red, at least not naturally. I watched the emotions flit across my mother's face as she pushed it aside before speaking.

"I need you to do me favor", she said evenly pulling a teen from behind her. My mother never asked for favors especially not from me the bane of her existence the child she wanted to forget she'd ever given birth to. I looked at the favor in question. I vaguely recognized the young teen, he'd been a little kid the last time I'd seen him.

If I was correct my little brother had flaming blond hair and was growing out of his baby fat. He was still chubby in that awkward age right before puberty, and had a permanent smile on his face. The boy before me only looked vaguely like the Gabe I knew, his hair was black and he was almost my height and I'd always considered myself tall at 5"10. He was extremely skinny almost gangly and he had a scowl on his face that looked permanently etched. The teen turned his scowl on me neither of us speaking, I would have taken offense but I suspected this was the way he looked at everyone.

"As much as I really want to I can't", I said honestly still wondering if it was a dream

"Just a few days", she said.

"I'm sorry--" I began before I was cut off by a strong arm that pulled me aside and shut the door.

"What are you doing", Dax hissed at me.

"I can't, I'm busy", I hissed back at him.

" You have too, you haven't seen your family in five years, you wanted an in, this is it", he said opening the door and pushing me back in front of it before hurrying off down the hall as if it was all just some weird dream. I brushed my hair out of my face and tried to smile.

"A few days?" I said in response she pushed my brother at me and ran off down the hall to the elevator, leaving us both to stare at the small blond woman until she disappeared from view. I stared at the elevator door still not totally sure that it wasn't a dream. The scowling teenager who seemed much more awake than I did walked past me into the condo a duffel bag slung over his shoulder and looked around.

"So this is what it's like to live in sin", he said taking in the giant flat screen TV and the window that gave a spectacular view of the city. I ignored his comment.

"Are you hungry? I think we have some leftover takeout", I said instead.

"What kind", he asked dryly as if he truly didn't care.

"Come into the kitchen and find out", I said leading him into the top of the line kitchen that I didn't use beyond the microwave and the coffeepot. He sat at the counter top on a stool and watched as I flung on a light and opened the fridge and peered into it.

"Uh we have Thai, Italian, pizza of course, and some Indian that's questionable", I said listing his choices.

"Any Chinese?" he asked just as dryly. I peered deeper into the fridge and pulled a box of lomein from behind the milk.

"You're in luck, cold or hot", I asked shaking the container.

"Cold is cool", he said I slid the box over the island and reached in a drawer and handed him a fork.

"Anything to drink?" I asked

"You got beer? He asked

"Nice try, your choices are juice, milk, water and soda", I said

"Soda it is", he said rolling his eyes. I handed him a cold Pepsi and watched as he became engrossed in his meal.

"What's that do?" he asked pointing to the keypad in the counter. Dax had insisted on a top of the line kitchen and he hadn't cut corners on anything.

"This?" I said pressing a button and watching as a TV eased down from the ceiling and flipped on.

"Dude, that's awesome", he said excitedly. I smiled, that is precisely what I'd said when Dax had shown it to me. It was the perfect place to watch Saturday morning cartoons and eat cereal, an activity that Dax and I religiously did.

"I'm kind of lazy, I just can't make myself carry my cereal into the living room", I admitted smiling. I sat down on the stool next to him; we sat in silence before I could make myself speak.

" So you want to tell me why our mother, who hates me more than TV dinners and won't leave the house after 9 for fear of the robbers, shows up here, with you after 1am in the morning with no explanation?", I asked

"You want to tell me why you live 40 minutes away and we haven't seen you in 5 years", he asked rolling his eyes.

"That's unfair, you know what happened you were there, and let's not forget whose house this is", I said

"It's a long story", he said sighing

"Well we're already up", I pointed out.

"Dad kind of said that he never wanted to see my sinning face again", he said. My mind immediately flashed back to the time when our father had said the exact same thing to me. But by the time he'd even spoken to me I'd been far too angry to care. Not to mention the fact that I'd been 18 and adult and had someplace to go. Gabe was only 15 and it pained me that all he had was me, a failure of a sister who he hadn't seen in 5 years.

" Yeah, well there's usually something that leads up to that, you know one of the deadly sins, lying, cheating, adultery, and please don't tell me that you're a murderer?", I said

"I may or may not have kissed someone", he said lowly.

"That's it", I asked surprised. Normally our mother could cover for us well enough. Well at least as far as the little things were concerned, like making a C on a test or not praying enough at church.

"IT was a guy", he said even lower.

"Yup that would do it", I said trying to digest the information that my brain had just been given to process.

"Go on and say it, I'm just a little fag", he said angrily.

"Sorry, not big news where we come from, besides we don't like to use that word in this household, we're very open minded. In fact I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but there's no praying before every meal, and we curse. Hell I wear pants. And you should really quit with the self loathing. I bet by lunch mom will have calmed him down", I said

" OH you mean like he calmed down with you, Are you aware that after you left he burned your name out of the family bible, and you haven't been around in 5 years and all you did was break off an engagement", he said

" Yeah but I spit on a priest, I mean I kind of deserved it, it's not like you stormed out of a church after spitting on a priest punching your fiancé in the face and burning a bible and your veil in the parking lot", I said

"Somehow I think taking it up the ass is worse", he said

"I thought you said you only kissed", I exclaimed

"He only caught me kissing, I think it's pretty unanimous at this point that I'm not marrying Penny Poindexter and having kids", he said

"Okay, but on the bright side I'm pretty sure they can't really kick you out. I mean you're only 15 and It's illegal to abandon a minor", I said

"Oh so I'll go back and he can beat the fucking fag out of me", he said darkly.

"Why don't we just get through the night Bram Stoker and we'll figure out everything in the morning", I said

"Who?" he asked confused

"Bram Stoker, you know he was really dark?" I said to his still confused face,

"Dracula", I tried again. He still looked confused I sighed.

" I guess I'll be getting you a book in the morning too", I said rolling my eyes taking his bag and tossing his empty container in the trash returning the TV to its rightful place and heading down the hallway.

" You have a choice of two guestrooms", I said flicking on the hall light," This one is red so it's kind of like sleeping in Hell I only know of one person who would ever pick this room, so I'd recommend this one even though it doesn't have a bathroom", I said opening a door to reveal a gray room

"What about this one?" he asked pointing to another door just down the hall.

"Oh that's my office", I said opening the door and flicking on the light. MY office was the least professional office in the history of the world. IT looked like a preteen paradise complete with bean bag chairs, butterflies and a purple sparkly laptop.

"That's probably the gayest thing I've ever seen, and I take it up the ass", he said slowly

"Some people need colorful places to work", I said defensively cutting off the light and closing the door,

"Whatever", he said walking into the gray bedroom and dumping his duffel bag on the bed. I flicked on the light and watched as he pulled out a small blue Ipod. That I specifically recognized as the one Id agonizingly picked from an assortment of others just the previous Christmas.

"I thought Dad threw out all my gifts ", I said smiling maybe my father didn't hate me after all.

"He does, mom saves them from the trash", he said crushing my hopes.

"Well I'll let you get some sleep, the remote by the TV, the bathrooms just down the hall and you're welcome to anything in the fridge", I said

"K'night", he said pulling off his sweatshirt his ear buds in his ears already tuning me out. I walked out the bedroom closing the door behind me and walked the short distance down the hall to our bedroom. Dax was sitting up in bed working on his laptop, when I entered the room he looked up expectantly.

"He's in the gray room", I said crawling into the massive bed.

"And?" he asked looking at me

"And he's gay, and my father kind of kicked him out", I said still wondering if the night had actually happened of it was some bizarre dream.

"One day I really should meet your father", he said chuckling

"It's not funny", I said hitting him

"It's freaking hilarious, that in this day and age this could happen. I mean what kind of father abandons his children over a skewed sense of the bible?' he questioned.

"Can we not talk about him", I said serious now.

"OF course, but I'll say this if your father hadn't been the bigoted asshole he is you would be married to a man you hate and I'd have never met you, you wouldn't have the job, or the friends that you do, and more importantly you wouldn't have the opportunity to get your brother back", he said he kissing my forehead

"I know, he's just as big now almost as tall as me, and he's like all Goth now. It's like I missed everything I don't even know him", I said sadly.

"Well this is your chance to get to know him", he said putting away his computer and kissing me again. I kissed him back and smiled, completely unaware that my brother was just down the hall crying himself to sleep.