Chapter 15

The process had been pure hell, Kate, Vicky, and Jon had insisted that he go to the hospital even though he'd said over and over that he hadn't wanted to go. His dad was going to be so pissed at him. But Kate had insisted that he wouldn't have to go back and wouldn't take no for an answer and even though he didn't believe her he wanted to do.

The exam had been invasive to say the least, and they'd spent hours at the hospital where the police had been called and they'd taken pictures of his face and arms and everywhere else he'd had bruises. And then the doctors had taken x-rays where luckily he hadn't had any broken bones though he did have a sprained arm and bruised ribs not to mention the numerous other abrasions. But the social worker had been the worst.

She'd been mean almost as if she hadn't believed him. Each question had been worse than the last. He walked in the door and stormed down the hall slamming his door and collapsing on his bed in tears, Ignoring the calls of his sister and then the murmuring of Dax and his sister as they agreed to leave him alone. He cried himself to sleep


When he awoke he wasn't alone.

"What are you doing here?" he croaked embarrassed he was sure he looked like hell, and his eyes were probably swollen he'd been crying.

"I called; well actually I called a lot. Every day, several times a day imagine my surprise when I call and they say you're here and haven't called me yet. So I rushed over and now I'm here", he explained talking fast like he was nervous.

"You don't have to be here, I know I look like shit", he said angrily not bothering to look away.

" I don't care and it's not like this is your fault. You know me you know I don't care what you look like", he said

"So you want me to believe that you don't care that I look like Frankenstein, you know they did an MRI at the hospital and there's nothing wrong with my brain", he said.

"I always thought Frankenstein was kind of hot", said Roland. He almost laughed but stopped himself.

"I didn't think I'd see you again, it was like one of those stupid chick movies where they fall in love when they're young and spend the rest of their lives trying o find someone who measures up only to find out 25 years later that they never will", he said

"Yeah, I've seen my fair share of those movies", he said

"Yeah well I had a week to think about it and I realize that those movies are complete and utter shit, because I like you now and why should I spend the next 25 years of my life looking for someone like you when I could have had the original", said Roland

"My dad beat the shit out of me because I was gay; he said that he was going to beat the fag out of me as he beat me. And everyone wants me to be like it didn't affect like I' came back and we'll pick right back up where I left. And I wish like hell that it could be like that, all I want to do is forget it happened but I can't every time I go to sleep I can feel him hitting me and hear myself begging him to stop knowing he won't, and everyone is rating me like I'm on the verge of death, so I can't forget every time I look in the mirror I can't forget, and now you're here wanting me to pretend that I'm the same person you met a week ago", He said

"Gabe I-", said Roland but I quickly cut him off

" And now you're here being you and you're liking me and no one ever likes me, and I'm liking you, except I'm not supposed to like you, because I'm not supposed to be gay because it's wrong", he said

"No its not, I don't think it's wrong and deep down I don't think you think it's wrong either otherwise you wouldn't be here", said Roland. Gabe looked at him for a moment afraid to speak his voice was croaky and he probably needed some water and maybe some more pain pills but he didn't want to call Kate or Dax.

" Do you really think Frankenstein is hot, because right now I kind of feel Frankenstein, I think right now that I'm made up of so many different defective parts that I don't even know who I really am anymore", he admitted

" That could be good thing, because deep down Frankenstein wasn't a monster, he was just confused and misunderstood , and sometimes I think that we have to be confused to truly appreciate the answer we come up with", said Roland

"I don't think that we can pick up where we left off, because I'm not the person that you think I am", he said

"I think that you are, Just that you need time, and I want to spend that time with you. But I get it, and if you want time away from me than that's cool too, but I will be back. I like you a lot and I'm not one of those stupid people from the movies", said Roland walking to the door.

"Wait", he said Roland turned back to look.

"You can stay for a little while, I mean if you really want to", he said

"Okay, I'd like that", said Roland smiling taking off his shoes and crawling on the bed beside him, and taking one of his hands as he tried not to cry.


"That was a disaster", I said spooning another large bite of ice cream in my mouth, Id given up on the concept of the bowl and had gone straight for the carton. Lately I seemed to be going through a lot of ice cream and I dreaded the day it would catch back up with me.

"Granted it was awful, but that was the hardest part admitting the problem and choosing to do something about it", said Jon sounding just like a commercial for AA, and under any other circumstances I would have laughed.

"No it's not it's only going to get worse, tomorrow the social worker is going to come here and then question my parents, what if they decide to take him and put him in a group home or just give him back", I questioned

"Relax sweetie, they won't. Anyone with half a brain could see that the best place for him at least right now is here with you", said Jon stealing my spoon and taking a huge bite of ice cream.

"The doctor said he was suffering from PTSD so I think I'm going to take Gabe with me to see Dr. Harper tomorrow ", I said

"Your psychiatrist?" he asked

"Yeah, he's helped me a lot and I think he can help Gabe too", I said

"I know you're a lot better and I know what you're doing is right for Gabe but you're like my sister you're more than that and you know I love you", he said biting his lip.

"Just say it", I said catching the apprehension in is voice.

"It's just that all of this started with your Father, and I'm worried that it could really affect you and not in a positive. I mean chances are really good that you'll have to see your father again", he said. I sighed at his comment and bit my own lip. Truthfully Jon knew me better than anyone and he knew how I felt about my father and probably how my father felt about me, in truth it wasn't a good relationship and it never had been. My father had ruled our entire family through fear and though through lots of help I was moving past it, I dreaded interacting with him again.

"I know, but I don't have a choice", I said with all the fake bravado I was able to muster.

"Come on Katie, you're not a kid anymore, you're an adult. You are successful, and beautiful, and he can't hurt you anymore. You're not alone anymore, you have a group of people who love you and we're here for you", he said

"I know," I said knowing I'd have to get over my fear, telling myself that I had to do it for Gabe.

"Hey snap out of it", he said squeezing my hand and pulling me out of the dark pit that I was allowing myself to be pulled into. I looked up and sighed ever so slightly at the recognition of my surroundings.

"UM yeah", I said quickly smiling weakly

"I was just about to tell you that I got a call today", he said

"OH no, you got called back to Africa?", I asked it seemed like he'd just arrived he'd barely been here a little over a week.

"No, actually I had an interview with a local station and I got the job and they want me to start next month", he said excitedly. I wanted to be excited but I knew Jon better than that.

"OH Jon, you hate all that. You hate big cities and suits and all the selfish people", I said sympathetically. Jon was a known free spirit. I was convinced that in another life he'd been a gypsy.

"I know, but it's not like I have anything out there. I mean I want to go on a date, maybe meet a guy. I want to go to a job where I don't get shot at and kidnapped. Katie, I want things. Besides it's not as if I can't always go back into the field, it's just right now I want to try something new", he explained

"Would it be wrong of me to be really excited", I asked

"Not at all," he said laughing. I flung my arms around his neck and wouldn't let go.

"MY god I've missed you so much", I shrilled softly

"Me too", he said holding me tightly.

AN/ wow another permanent character and I really did miss Gabe's POVs. I also like Roland in this one. My mother recently read this and said that it was kind of menopausal, while my friends said that it's a nice change from what I normally write, (Controversial dark deathly things).I wonder who's right or if I even care though I feel like I should explain that all of these chapters were written in the dead of the night, on rainy days, when I was sick, or during a fight (well not during a fight that would be odd, but right after). Can you believe that I consider this a short story? OH well please review or not as long as you read it I'm feeling very confident and it's done so I don't really need the motivation to finish.