Made: Thursday, November 25, 2010

Time: 9:26p.m


I want to tell you something
Get words across
Lean in, listen closely
None will be false.

Through blurry eyes
I saw you walk away
Inhaled a sharp breath
And turned the other way.

I know you don't care
Because it's all about you
So when I reach out
You shut down on cue.

I gave you another chance
As if there was a choice
But you put me down again
Without hearing my voice.

Get this, I'm obsessed with you
Because you're better than me
So when you put me down
It really hurts, you see.

I know I'm a joke to you
That you laugh in my face
When my back is turned
I know I'm a disgrace.

You don't need to tell me twice
But I'm really trying hard
Can you see what you're doing?
Look in your hand—what's the card?

Everyone loves you
Because you're perfection
A smile on your face
I'm no competition.

You know I'll still try
Keep testing your worth
You've thrashed mine
Destiny, since birth.

But I've pushed you far
I've noticed something
It sort of…scares me
Something altering.

There's a weakness in your eyes
That you've yet to show
Something familiar to myself
That nobody will ever know.

I thrive to be just like you
So I worry for what I see
Through your eyes there is
Someone who's just like me.