Blind Angels

High above the sky there's a world where people with wings fly

There's a world where we fly to say our good bye

On my last day my eyes closed then I began to rise

I had wings spread out God told me I'd have a prize

On the ground below was my bodies dust

My old bike wasn't touched so it became to rust

They might say once you're gone you're an angel

It's true I may fly up, down, left, right and any angle

The most deadliest thing of death is he can't see me

Don't forget me I'll do anything to be free

Being blind from all my light brought me to the dark

I guess I won't see you today in the park

When you finely die it's a dead end

I feel so lost without my best friend

Soon my memories existence will fade away

The world will also lose colour to gray

Why did I have the pain to die?

I didn't want to fly so high in the sky

I'm the balloon that just won't pop and fall

I remember it was a cold hard brick wall

Being push a ganced it all I felt was all my fears

They hit me and it hurt I felt my tears

They turned me around a knife plunged into my eye

There was a second time I guess it was good try

If people want me dead well you're lucky

I wish the world isn't so deadly

Now that I can't see

What will I be?

A blind angel