Falling in Water

The waves pulled me under without a breath

I let the water surround me with my regret

The fish under the sea helped release my need

My hair flowed around so did my body

I fell down bubbles surround me

I chocked on the water clouding me

Water was the one who took me down

The salted water hurt so I looked the other way

Falling seems scary but I'm use to it

There's always a first time, but it's my twentieth

I'm letting the presher of water push me around

Sinking is nothing if you're already dead

I'm glad I had the chance to hold someone's hand

Before I died I wore my very first dress

Even when I'm gone I feel warmth

The water started to turn into sand

I stood on the beach and saw them all calling

I went to hold someone's hand, but went right trough

I yelled, but bubbles spoke instead

Somehow I was beneath the ocean again

Somehow I my eyes saw a light

Somehow I was rising to the top

Then I knew, I was falling

I was falling in water