Lonely beautiful eyes

always looking for that right soul

wishing every single night

with all her faith and hope


Giving you all the wrong gifts

Love was never kind to you

letting you swimming in your tears

playing with your little heart in blue


But let me tell something for once and for all

never look back and never refuse a smile

from those that care about you since a long time ago

always wondering if you're going to be fine


A world of people share your pain

Living in dissapointing times

But if you look beyond the surface

someone will be worthy of a chance


I know what I'm talking about

You're not the only one that feels the way you do

keep dreaming and you'll be alright

and take care of your little heart in blue...


NOTE: This one was literally for "some friend's friend"...I don't know you, but...a lot of people know what you feel; it's not too much, but this is for you.