Harry Potter: The Truth

Authors note: I should point out before I go any further that the following is all supposition and conjecture on my part. No harm is meant or intended to any person with the writing of this, and no actual accusations of any wrong doing are either meant or intended, although they may be inferred! I shall simply present my thoughts on the matter and allow the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.

Harry Potter; a global phenomenon. If you haven't heard of the little wizard then you are clearly not from the planet Earth, and are in fact a recently arrived visitor from another planet, and thus I bid you welcome to our fair and pleasant world. For the rest of you though, there are a few things that have always bugged me about the whole thing….

For a start, we are supposed to believe that this whole fantasy world was created by a single mother who was sitting in a café having a cup of coffee and began doodling on a napkin.

I am sorry, but as far as I am concerned that is nothing short of total and utter BULLSHIT!

There are millions and millions of writers on this planet. Writers of all kinds of genres, styles, and abilities. Some people like to write haiku's, others novels. Personally I tend to specialize in short stories. There are those who write flowing poetry detailing all of the good and bad things that they might come across in their lives, and still more people who write songs, some of love, some of death and destruction.

Going back to those people who write novels, again, there are many different styles of novel. You have your trashy romance stuff, your action and adventure. There is intrigue, suspense, horror, science fiction, and erotica. Along with fantasy of course, which is a style that has always been quite popular with the masses.

From Tolkiens tales of Hobbits and rings, to Pratchetts tales of a strange world standing on the back of four giant elephants perched on the bag of a turtle swimming through space, and taking in magical places like Narnia on the way, we like nothing more than to lose ourselves in another world every so often.

Where possible, we like these worlds to be similar to ours, but never quite the same. And this is where Harry Potter comes in.

The tale of a young boy who is sent to a school for wizards in order to learn how best to use his powers, and to put them to use in the name of good as opposed to evil. As already stated, a worldwide phenomenon. But I personally believe that it is a phenomenon based on a massive lie.

All of those millions and millions or writers around the world share two things in common. It is not talent, although many of those people undoubtedly possess plenty of that. It is not even ambition, as whilst some may hope to one day see their names on bookshelves and watch people pick up their latest bestseller, others are happy to write for their own enjoyment and pleasure, with no intention of their work ever being seen by anybody else.

No, the one main thing that every writer, regardless of style, genre, or anything else, has, is a back catalogue.

Tokien did not just sit down one day and come up with the whole plot for The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings stories. He wrote for years, slowly honing his craft, developing characters and his own little fantasy world.

Similarly, anyone who thinks Stephen King sat down in his study one day and just churned out Carrie like a giant brain fart is clearly misguided. He was sending short stories to magazines for years before he finally had a novel accepted by a publisher. Personally, I have something like 140 stories and poems that I have written, some of which are complete, and some of which are not, and again, this stretches back many years.

So my question is this;

Where is J. K. Rowlings back catalogue? Where are all the short stories she wrote when she was younger, her notes on how she planned to develop characters, places, names and so on? And more to the point, where are the follow up stories to Harry Potter? Surely we are not supposed to believe that she came up with this whole world on the spur of the moment, wrote seven books at the rate of one a year, and then stopped writing….

Because that is the second thing every writer shares, which is a need to write. Lets get one thing straight; the art of writing is not fun. I don't sit here at my laptop and write because of all the pleasure I get from building sentences, putting words down one after the other in a way that I will hope makes sense at the end because I get pleasure out of it.

I wont deny that when people comment on the things I write and tell me how much they like to read what comes out of my dark and twisted mind that I don't enjoy that. Of course I enjoy being told that something I have written was good. But I don't write in the hope that people will congratulate me on it.

I write because I have to, need to.

I have a very active mind, and find it almost impossible to shut the damn thing down most of the time. The only way that I can close my mind off for any length of time is to get the stuff that is floating around in there written down. Sometimes, mostly, I make whatever comes out available for others to read. But sometimes I don't.

There are times when I might spend four or five hours writing non-stop, just letting things come pouring out of my brain and through my fingers onto the screen in front of me. And then just delete everything I have spent all that time disgorging from my mind.

The act of writing is a lonely one. It is something that we all do because we have things inside us that we need to get out.

And yet we are supposed to believe that J. K. Rowling is different from every other writer on the planet. We are told that she just happened upon this idea over a cup off coffee, churned out all of those books, one after the other, and then stopped writing. She wrote nothing before, and nothing since.

It just isn't possible.

So here is what I think really happened;

The fact that the books were written is not in doubt. But did J. K. Rowling really write them herself, or is she a puppet, the public face of the true author of the books?

This is something that I can believe, and find much more likely than the bullshit tale we have been fed up to now.

But why would they need a public face for a book? I hear you ask. Why didn't the real author put their name to the books?

There are a couple of reasons that this might happen.

One of them is that the real writer of the Harry Potter books maybe suffers from agoraphobia, and as a result is not able to leave his or her home. This may sound far-fetched, but as already stated, writing is a lonely pastime. You don't sit with your friends while you write, you sit alone in a quiet room. You may have music playing in the background, but that will be pretty much it for the most part.

So if you were afraid to leave your home, why wouldn't you sit and write some of the time?

And then you come up with an idea, and you want to share that vision with others, so you send it off to a publisher. Who likes what you have and wants to put it out there for everyone to read. The problem is, you can't really go around doing book readings and television interviews and stuff, because that would mean leaving the house.

So the publisher hires someone else to do all that on your behalf.

After all, if you can come up with Hogwarts and all of its inhabitants, and enough material to keep the whole world entertained for seven books detailing the adventures of said inhabitants, how hard would it be to come up with a back story for someone who is playing the role of the author?

People do it all the time. Stephen King did it early in his career, when he had several novels published under the name Richard Bachman. It's called a pseudonym, and is much more common than most people might think in the world of writers.

So maybe the real author of Harry Potter is a recluse. Or maybe it is someone that we all might know, but would never dream of buying a book written by.

Charles Manson for example, or Ian Brady.

After all, what do people like that have to do with their time, locked up for 23 out of every 24 hours?

This may sound a little silly, but think about it logically.

A mass murderer, sat in his cell, all day, every day, nothing to do but sit and think. What is to stop someone like that from sitting there and writing, and coming up with the concept themselves. Then they send it to a publisher, who likes the story, but knows that nobody will buy it if it has the real authors name on it.

And so they hire a ghost, someone to come and be the public face of the books, and then to fade away and disappear as soon as they are all done. And they come up with a nice, heartwarming story about how this poor woman, a single mother, struggling some days to have enough money to buy a cup of coffee, sat down one day and wrote a best-selling series of novels.

With the right hype and publicity, people will go out and buy it in droves.

Meanwhile, the real author receives a certain amount of money, signs a confidentiality agreement, and signs away the rights to the whole shebang.

It is the stuff that fairy tales are made of. That doesn't mean it can't be true!

As I said at the start, this is all supposition and conjecture. I leave you, the reader, to make up your own mind about how much truth there may be in what I have written here…..