I was young, naïve, innocent,

And I was still searching.

I was unaware of this nasty world,

I trusted everyone about everything.

I liked to experiment,

Explore all the available choices.

I never paid attention to the warning bells

Ringing in my head, to the cautioning voices.

I ignored your words, your advice,

Thinking you were back-dated.

I kept drifting apart from myself,

Not even knowing where I was headed.

It was my mistake, I deserved all the pain.

A lesson learnt the hard way was my only gain.

I was rendered defenseless, helpless,

Just left alive to pray, hope and wait.

Every illusion I dwelled in was shattered,

I was just one step away from death.

That's when I noticed the tears in your eyes,

And God gave me the gift of change.

I let go of the wretched past,

I gave up on thoughts of revenge.

I vowed to be a better human being,

I wanted to turn my life around in one swift swing.

The only reason I succeeded was you, mom.

You protected me from every single storm.

You are always there for me,

No matter how many times I mess up.

You are the reason why I keep going,

Why I never give up.

Whenever I feel I'm being pulled

In a hundred different directions,

You talk to me; you show me the right path,

You answer all my questions.

You never put me under pressure of competition.

You gave me the liberty of taking my own decisions.

You're the best mother in the world,

And I'm the worst possible daughter.

I lead myself into trouble, pulling you with me,

I wiped off the peace from our lives, killed our laughter.

I'm so sorry for each tear you had to shed,

For all the blazing days I could never forget.

But I promise I have changed now.

And those stupid mistakes will not be repeated again.

I will always make you smile,

I will never let you go through so much of pain.

I know you forgave me a long time back,

But I will hate myself till the day I die.

I'm sorry for letting you down, for breaking your trust,

I'm sorry for making you cry.

If I could erase the hurtful memories of the past, I would.

But in future, I'm gonna be the good daughter like I should.

A/N: I'm sorry mom, for everything.