Embrace the Dark Dream-
Chapter One- Entering Giza (Darkness)

Shifting blue-violet eyes stared upward at the starless sky. Legends said that once there had been stars in the sky, tears of the gods that had created this world over the first Great War; legends also say the stars were plucked one by one with greedy hands from the Heavens. The rain had made his long dark hair sodden and dripping wet. His skin was cold, and feelings were so far away; ever so far away distant pain, and distant voices.


Darkness, he craved it. The sweet surrender of light to the darkness as the clouds ate away at the night sky, covering the world. The twin moons were easily swallowed in a torrent of wind, rain and mist.

~*Giza you belong with us!*~

Faraway voices tugged at his mind, drawing his feet across the ground. Where to, he didn't know, except for away from here. His mind fleetingly grabbed at memories and clung to them. All he had was memories, no name, no past, only memories. The blood on his skin was washed off, as his feet moved swiftly across the ground. He got the feeling of intense eyes on him; intense orbs of amber.


A pair of amber eyes gazed into his own intently as he fell into shadow and darkness.