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Lauran's POV

Some people have their own ways of handling a break up. Each way is different depending on the personality. Some girls who get dumped by their boyfriend by getting the best revenge which is date the ex-boyfriend's best friend. Girls somehow end up putting on their best outfit, put on a pretty face and have fun. Others pick their sexiest outfit and show off to improve their self esteem or just to rub it in their boyfriends face. Most all the girls usually stay at home and cry all day, depressing their life more and more each day until one day they get over it. However, there are the few that do it another way which is evaluate the situation and decided that for your best interest it would be wise to take 'the high road' and let it go. Never talk to the poor sucker who broke your heart for the rest of your life or maybe pretend he doesn't even matter in your life, as the days go on you realize that you were much better now and you accept what happened and move on.
There is, however, always some kind of 'rules' that apply to to stand by.
You know, like never sleep with your now ex-boyfriend after he finds himself another girl, never ever beg the person to take you back, don't break into their house, don't stalk him or never destroy his property. Especially the last two things because that would make you look like a total nut. Well I didn't do any of the things I listed above.
Thankful I handled it differently than what I just mention. It all started a week ago being an all good, never breaks the rules kind of girl, The idea of sleeping with someone never cross my mind. I was a normal teenage girl. I never drank, I never did anything to jeopardize my future. Always had common sense.
I started to date the most smartest, sweetest, guy I have ever met. We dated for six months, we decided to go steady, but our relationship never got as far as sleeping with each other. He has met my parents. So you could see we are serious about each other or so I thought...

"Hey Lauran, what's wrong?" Jason asks me as he kisses me.

"Nothing much, just worried about our big game today"

"Don't worry, you are one of the best basketball players on the team, right? So don't freak out" He manages to make me smile.

"I know but I'm still a little nervous" I say looking uneasy

He kisses me that always seem to help me calm down. I felt relaxed now.

"Call me after the game because I have a surprise for you" he says after he kisses me again and again.

"Ok, well, I will se you later" I finally after I walk to my dorm and pick up my stuff, I close the door, then jump when I felt a warm hand on my shoulder, I turn around and there he was Andrew Richardson. I have talked to him many times before usually telling him to leave me alone.
He leans over at me and his dark brown eyes study mine as I looked at him.
This made me unconformable.

I ask breaking the silence "Did you need something?"

He smiles as he says "Yes as a matter a fact" his eyes look at me from top to bottom. I felt my cheeks turn crimson.

"Get lost Richardson"

"I heard something about you and I needed to tell you being your friend I thought.."

I interupt him "Heard what?"

He looked a little hesitate at first. That's weird.

"I heard you still haven slept with anyone, doesn't that bother your boyfriend just a little?"

"First of all, you already knew that, second of all, Jason loves me because of me, he isn't looking for a good time like you" I say coldly

He chuckles and then takes out a piece of paper from his notebook and starts to write something. He hands me the note with his phone number on it.
"If you need someone to 'talk' to or if…" he steps closer to me and his hand touches my cheek which makes me start to breath a little faster and nervous, He sees my reaction and smiles as he moves closer and brushes his lips on my cheek which makes my heart start to race."You need any experience in anything just call"

What does he mean by all of that?

Well I found out what he meant later that day when the game got cancelled because of bad weather. Minnesota, what do you expect?

So I decided to surprise Jason with a visit. Boy was I really in for a surprise when I caught him cheating on me. My initial response was of course feeling hurt when I saw him kissing another girl. Then I felt like the most stupidest girl on the planet. How could I not see it? All the signs where there. Him asking me to call him after every game. Always being 'busy' on Tuesdays.
I of course broke up with him right in front of the girl he was with. I didn't make a scene, I just told him it was over.

I went back to my dorm. My roommate was asleep, so I took out my phone and NO I didn't call my best friend, Karen and explained my situation and have her comfort me and NO I didn't call my mom or any of my closes friends. I called Andrew Richardson. I don't know what was going through my head when I called him but I did. He invited me to his dorm. So I agree.I knock on his door and with that arrogant smile of his says "I didn't expect to hear back from you this soon"

Why did I agree to this again?"Can I come in?" I ask.

You could see now that nothing good is to come out of all of this after explain to me that tramp that Jason was kissing was his best friend's ex-girlfriend. I then start crying and he brings out a bottle of tequila.

He says "I don't know how you might feel right now because I never had a break up before"

"I've seen you with girls all the time" I say

"Like I said, I've never experience a break up before"

"So here drink this and you will feel better"

"I don't drink"

"Just remember, drink a shot every time you feel hurt. It's the best medicine" he says.

I have never drank in my life but why did I take the cup from his hands? Oh, yea because I wasn't using my common sense obviously but I didn't care. It burned my throat as the tequila went down. He chuckled at my expression soon after an hour we had already almost drank the whole bottle.
I was wasn't completely unaware of what I was doing but my feelings sure felt frozen.

Soon after I sat on the couch, thinking and thinking. Andrew sits next to me and asks "Are you feeling better?"

"Yes, a little" I start to laugh. I don't know why but I just thought this whole situation was funny. That was the tequila talking of course.

He led grabbed my hand and lead me to his room."You can sleep here. I wouldn't want you going out in this condition"

"But my roommate might get worried about me"

"Don't worry. I will call her" he assures me.

"Why are you helping me?" I ask the obvious question.

"Because, when I first saw you seemed so… sweet and nice. And it just seemed wrong to see your now ex-boyfriend…" I kissed him before he finished his sentence, his lips felt soft. First the kiss was soft and slow but soon turned fast and passionate, I felt his fingers go from my waist down to my thighs that made me want more. I break the kiss. He smiles as he kisses my forehead.

"That was nice" he whispers

"Its not over" I smile back, as I grab his hand and lead him to the bed. I kiss him softly and I go on to take off my shirt and my shorts. Only leaving my undergarments. His eyes look amazed staring at me. As if he's never seen a girl like this before.

"What are you doing?" he asks

"What do you think I'm doing?" I say as I kiss him again. He pulls back and asks "Are you sure about this?"

I sit on his bed and pulling him on top of me and kissed him softly and reply "Yes"

I opened my eyes the next morning, and boy was my head is hurting. I feel some arms around my waist pulling me tight. I turn my head to see Andrew looking peacefully asleep. Thoughts raged through my head. I remember everything very clearly. That was absolutely the best night I had ever had. That felt more this night than I did the four months of dating Jason.

"Lauran" I smile as I look at Andrew.

"Yes?" I ask.

"How are you feeling?" he asks me

"A little sore and a headache' I said as I start to laugh.

"I'm not a doctor but I could say that is normal" he says as he kisses me.

"Do you want this just to be a one night stand?" I ask.

He stayed silent for a moment and kisses me again and whispers "Let's have lunch together. Just you and me"

"Are you asking me out on a date?" I ask

"Lauren Samuels do you want to be my girlfriend?" He asks me.

I smile and kiss him again.

"Is that a yes?" he asks me.

"Yes, it is" I say before I start to kiss him again, again, and again.

I grab my keys from my purse and open the door. I feel my phone vibrate. I got a text message from my roommate
Hey, I went shopping. Someone is waiting for you inside.

As I walk in I see Jason sitting on the couch. I smile as I ask "What are you doing here?"

"I came to say I'm sorry and I..."

"Ok. I forgive you" I answer as I pick my clothes from my closet.

"Really?" he asks

"Yes. Thank you for cheating on me because if you hadn't done that I would have still be with you and not experience the night I had"

"W-What are you talking about?"

"Please leave now. I have to get ready for my lunch date"

So there you go. I just did everything not to do after a breakup. Don't ever seek advice from a playboy after a break up. Never ever end up sleeping with said playboy. Don't agree to go out on a date with the playboy. Don't ever thank your ex-boyfriend for cheating on you. What ever you do don't fall in love after a breakup. After this breakup I never had to experience another breakup again.