One evening at the end of August before my freshman year, some friends of my sister asked if my mom, my sister, and I wanted to go to Six Flags in Maryland the next day. The family, the Milligans, had been there before, but we hadn't. It wasironic since sis's friend Emily is usually a scaredy-cat and Six Flags has rides she loved though they were ones we thought she'd be terrified of.

We decided to go with them, and were excited to see new things. As we went to go to the little Subway stand for lunch from little rocking boat ride, I looked up at a roller coaster. I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking. I ran into a trash can that someone left in the middle of the path. All of the other trash cans were along sides of path in spots where people can't run into them. The top of the trash can came up to bottom of my ribs and made me really sore. It about knocked the wind out of me.