Made: Friday, November 26, 2010

Time: 11:56p.m

Close your eyes to what you see

Nobody can tell you who to be

You think you're all broken up?

I think you're just in a rut

You'll easily break through it

Don't back down, take every hit

When they tell you, "You're crap

A worm on the map,"

Spit on you and walk away

Only to return the very next day

Then you know who your friends are

You take stand there

You were alone just now

Never even had to ask how

You can't take a stand just yet

Because you know you'll lose any bet

So you get up, turn around

Confidence yet to be found

They smile, they know they've won

The battle ends by the setting sun

But the war's not over yet

Tomorrow's got another sun to set

And as they beat you down again

And you beg for a friend

"Someone help me out here

Give a hand, shout a jeer

They're killing me

Can't you see?"

See no evil

Hear no evil

Speak no evil

Be no evil

They all turn and walk away

With hesitation in the splay

They're sick of your words

And beat down on your world

At your final cry for life

You hear someone's strife

"Stop this horror

Stop the war

Please, please, just give it up

Walk away from the corrupt."

You smile, though it's too late

They took too long to wait

As your world fades from sight

And slowly the sun sets to night

You wonder if you even made a change

From any of those deranged

They'll do it again, another time, another place

Doesn't matter if it's you, them, or a race

Those who told you to be yourself

Where had they helped?

It'd over now, it's done

The war has been won

But which side was it—is it clear?

Was it you or them?