Ashton the Ash Queen Falls in Love


Ashton the Ash Queen


Nate the Skater

Ashton the Ash Queen was growing up. She had made it to her teen years, 18 to be exact. She went from terror child to adolescent, whose ability was a curse.

As Ashton grew older she became cautious and wary of her ability.

Rarely going out and fearing her "one look" could end a friendship, Ashton grew sad.


Nate the Skater came to town.

The shaggy haired, skinny pants wearing, skate-boarder became a whirlwind in Ashton's life. He stirred up feelings in her she never knew she had. He was different, like her, and…she liked it.

The day Ashton met Nate is a day she'll never forget.

She was walking home from school, daydreaming, when she heard a scream.

"Watch out!"

Ashton looked up from the side walk to see a boy on a skateboard barreling towards her.

"Ahhh!!!" She screamed, as the boy crashed into her.

"I'm sorry!" The boy cried to the girl below him.

In the midst of the crash the boy sent both Ashton and himself to the ground.

"Um, ow." Ashton replied blankly.

"I'm sorry!" He cried again. Looking down at her he smiled softly. "Hey, I'm Nate."

Smiling softly, "Ashton." She replied.

He smiled again and stood up, helping Ashton up too.

"Can I walk you home?" He asked, picking up his skateboard.

"Sure." She nodded.

As they started to walk they started to talk.

And from there their friendship continued to bloom. Nate would walk Ashton home from school and they would go to the park on weekends.

Everywhere they went Nate constantly had his skateboard. Every time he showed her a new trick she yearned to learn how, but was too shy to ask for lessons.

As the friendship grew Ashton became more confident. Her feelings for Nate grew from friendship to like, and maybe, possibly, love.

She told him everything with only exception of her "one look". She cherished her friendship with him too much to risk scaring him off.

One day after moths of friendship Ashton and Nate were hanging out at the park when Ashton burst out,

"I want to learn how to skateboard!"

Nate looked up to her from his seat on the ground.



Really? Really?"

"Really!" She huffed.

Smiling he stood up.

Placing his board on the ground before her he pointed to it.

"Now, step on the board." He told her, placing his hand out for her.

Taking his hand she stepped on the board. Standing on the board she waited for him to continue.

Holding her hand and placing his other on her waist he started to walk, dragging her along. Her body started to tingle as his placed hands moved her along. As he sped up she suddenly shouted,


He stopped and looked down at her.


"I felt like I was going to fall off." She chuckled quietly.

"We can't have that can we now?" He whispered leaning in closer until, Ashton's hands flew over her eyes.

"What? What are you doing?" He chuckled.

"I can't look at you." She cried.


"Because I have the ability to kill someone with one look." She whispered. "They turn into ash."

There was silence between the tow for a few moments.

Suddenly, Ashton felt hands on hers pulling them away form her eyes.

"I trust you." He whispered.

Then he kissed her.

Clinging to him her only thoughts were, "I can't believe this is happening!" and "this is the best kiss ever!"

And from there Ashton became the girlfriend of Nate the Skater and Nate became the boyfriend of Ashton the Ash Queen. And they lived happily ever after.