--sometimes, dreams don't come true. i learned the hard way.

& he walked away...

my heart stopped beating
when you put your arm around me,
nonchalant, like we knew each other
better than that. but we didn't. and
you were anything but nonchalant.
every moment was calculated. cavalier.

and you made me laugh, and you
showed me a part of the world
i'd never seen.

all of it leading up to the final breath
and that last goodbye. my heart didn't
beat for a working week but

it hasn't stopped bleeding
in almost five months.

you stabbed me in the back with your
sincerity. you set me up to be let down.
from that first moment our eyes met
to the last second your lips touched mine
i never believed it was true.

...& my heart is still waiting for him to come home.