There were so many times I crashed.

So many times I lost control.

So many times I gave up.

Nothing in this world made me feel whole.

I was broken, but no one cared.

I was hurt, shattered beyond repair.

I just sat in my room and cried.

Never fought back, never tried.

I surrendered to the pain.

I didn't think I could get back up again.

But I kept going

Even when I didn't know where the road lead to.

I kept walking

Even when I wasn't sure what to do.

And then one day, all of a sudden

I felt like I have been relieved of my burden.

My face bloomed with a huge smile.

This world's attempt to break me had been futile.

Now the past has faded, future beckons me to shine.

I'm going to chase my dreams,

There's no more time to sit and whine.

I just know that you have to keep going!

Even when the future seems unknowing.

Just keep going, it'll get better.

Just keep going, no matter what the weather.

Just keep going, God is there to guide you.

Just keep going, it's the right thing to do.

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