It feels like the world is against me.

Nobody is listening to me speak.

Nobody is paying attention to any of my words.

My heart hurts, I feel weak.

I feel like I'm being crumbled in their fists.

My name is being scratched from all lists.

The crowd around me thins out.

I'm standing in a stranded road,

With no one answering,

No matter how loud I shout.

And I'm left all alone.

Wondering, where did I go wrong?

Why am I here right now?

What am I supposed to do to make it alright?

How do I put on a fight?

How do I stay strong?

Tell me, tell me,

How do I turn it all around?

Tell me, tell me,

What are you supposed to do

When your world is standing against you?

When your back hits the wall,

And there's no place left to go.

When no one is talking to you

For reasons you don't know.

Nothing you do works.

Do you feel helpless?

Every passing day is the same.

Do you grow hopeless?

Tell me, tell me,

Why is the world against me?

Is this how it was supposed to be?

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