The colors from the rainbow are disappearing.

People keep whispering about me everywhere.

I purse my lips and silently keep hearing.

With every passing day,

That seems centuries long,

New enemies are strewn my way,

And everything goes wrong.

Just when I feel life is good,

Something just has to happen

And spoil my mood.

I can't leave my past behind.

Sometimes I wish I would just go blind,

Deaf and numb with this pain.

I can't do this again and again!

I had been crying for hours last night.

They say laughter and tears come in cycle.

So I thought today would be bright.

But it's just as painful as yesterday.

Nothing ever goes the way

I plan. Everything is screwed up.

And I think I've had enough.

There's absolutely nothing I can do.

Is this how hopeless you feel

When your world is against you?

A/N: Man I sound depressed. :P