I lost you because of words of hate,

Because of one mistake.

I wish I could fight my fate.

But this time there's too much at stake.

We both need to slow down a bit.

This rushing is becoming a habit.

Now I can't take it anymore, no, no, no!

It's time for me to let you go.

I need the strength to walk up to you and

Talk, make you understand.

That it's already too late.

I'm tired of this wait.

Hoping that one day maybe my luck would change.

Memories are fading away, it all seems strange.

You aren't even willing to try!

I'm so sick and tired of all your lies.

So this is it, this is goodbye.

Love made me lose my head.

Do things that I later regret.

I hated being the old stinky door-mat

That you always stomped on.

I'm so glad it's over,

Now I can finally move on.

Thank goodness we're done.

You were sucking away all my fun.

Seriously! What am I? A toy for rejecters?

Are you trying to turn me into a lie detector?

Dude, you've gotta figure out what you want.

I'm not your puppet, not your back-up haunt.

If you don't mean what you say.

Just don't talk to me, that's okay!

Cause I don't give a damn now- not anymore.

I'm not gonna cry, not gonna implore.

I'm fool. We're cool.

Now excuse me, I got better things to do

I'm not gonna fall for players like you.

Once is just enough-

I've been fooled twice.

I'm not going down that road of pain.

Not again!!