People say to me, would you like to swap your life with me for 24 hours? Your life must be very strange. But of course I have not experienced any other life. It's not strange to me.
- Prince Andrew

"Maybe if you'd quit being so darn selfish, I could think of a way out of this mess!" she yelled at me.

I yawned back at her face, "Right. Okay. Forgive me for not remembering you're the clever one in this messy situation. I am just the retard who needs constant looking after."

Some bitterness must have escaped me. She looked at me with oddly comforting eyes, but instead of feeling good, I felt tormented and flustered. The eyes that were looking back at me were not hers.

Yet they were all too recognizable. They never had been this soft, and comforting. They had more or less been full of agony, pain and contempt.

Those eyes were mine!