I began writing SWAPPED as a prequel to Lies My Brother Told Me (my NaNoWriMo'09). Though neither of them ever became novels, I am proud to say I successfully completed both the novellas. Although I'd expected to put up LMBTM next on , I find that there is a there is space for a short novel in between SWAPPED and LMBTM. It might just be a novelette, about the time Sara and Iemon visit Pondicherry. So I'll just call it 'Two Weeks with the Mukherjee Boys.'

I am actually quite surprised how my original story has give birth two not one but TWO prequels. I might scrap the idea of trying to make a sequel to LMBTM, though four chapters of that have already been written. Anyway, unless Two Weeks in put up and completed, I am not going to think about that.

Now I would like to thank the following people who've helped me successfully complete this novel:

Racer283 – I will not lie, when I say I used to wait for this guy to review my work, before rushing off and uploading a new chapter. With the exception of chapters 14 and 15, that I just had to update, I've always waited to get a review from Racer before uploading new chapters.

L. Galbraith – Liana is one of the most wonderful reviewers out there in fictionpress. And I've loved exchanging reviews with her via the Multi-Chap easy fix review games. I'm going to edit and finally perfect my novella with all the help she's provided me.

Kobra Kid – Her own stories are super amazing, and she has always reviewed my work. (Well not towards the end.) But I'm really happy to see there are people like her who feel like reviewing every single day!

TaangForever.x – She found my story and suddenly I find myself with reviews from a person I was sure I hadn't met in any of the review forums. Then she tells me she found it from searching it in the young adult section. Well thank God you did.

And others who I owe sincere thanks to are –

book. addict. for. life




Ezekiel Finch


Kohe Derachi



Adonnen Estenniel

And of course, A Kiss in the Dreamhouse – I sincerely thank her for distracting me with her story Nightmare with the Neighbor, during the period when I was suffering from a writer's block for Swapped! Now that I completed my story I can do this: *cups hands around mouth and shouts: "UPDATE YOUR STORY, WOMAN!"

My sincere apologizes to ANYONE who has been left out of this list. But I thank each and everyone for checking out the story, for favoriting, alerting or even randomly hitting the story. It has been a wonderful experience. And even the whole soul swapping thing really got to me. It has certainly been a very fun two months for me.

Those of you who have loved reading Swapped! & are still reading this note – I expect the Two Weeks with the Mukherjee Boys to be up in the New Year. Feel free to PM me, any suggestions you might have for the sequel. In case, you want to Sara kick Iemon's ass or something. XD and I would also like to know how many people thought Sara and Iemon would fall for one another. Please take a moment to vote on the poll on my profile page.

Okay. Now, I am going to just read and review other's works for a good few days. And get reviews in return. See you soon people.

And could you please leave reviews for 'A Little Too Old for You OR Say Goodnight and Go'? Thanks in advance. And all reviews WILL BE RETURNED for that story.


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