I found another Twilight article. Actually, more then that, I found more quotes from Stephanie Meyer. I find what she says to be interesting to the point I have to shake my head. Here are the quotes from the article, Stephanie Meyer Says She's Not Like Bella Swan, by Will of the newmoonmovie site.

Bella and I think completely differently and when I went to write this it wasn't something I thought about.

Personally, I found the words completely differently to be odd. I think it has to do with the fact that it is supposed to say completely different. Now, there is such thing as misspeaking, but I also believe that with the way Meyer has written, there is the chance she thought this was correct. But, this isn't the main part of the thing.

The question is, do Bella and Meyer think differently from each other? Bella happens to have a very negative attitude about everyone around her and everyone happens to treat her in a way that all she gets is positive comments. However, a good reader knows that the people who are around her should have picked up on her personality, and acted accordingly, not giving her praise.

Meyer is known to not be able to take critique. She basically wants a pat on the back and expects no negative comments to come her way. So do her fans, the rabid ones that is. She in truth wants nothing but praise, but the truth is, true praise comes when you've earned it. You have to work hard to earn the praise.

Some may say, Meyer and Bella aren't alike, in the fact that there was never a time that Bella had to react negatively to dispraise by someone on the level that Meyer did. However, the reason that is, is because Meyer didn't think off putting any of that in, and instead put in what she would like, praise, praise and more praise.

If Meyer really thought hard about it, she and Bella do in fact think similarly. To many people have come to find this to be disturbing, which isn't usually with published author avatars. This is one of the reasons that Bella ends up being a Mary Sue. Meyer takes what she thinks should happen to her in real life, and has it occur to her, despite what she wants defying human logic.

I was just doing it for fun but I think it's really natural that I created a character that let me live a life I didn't know because why would I write something I've already experienced.

The thing about this is, as a writer, you are supposed to write what you know. If you don't know something about it, you do your research. In fact, every writers work is filled with what they know, not what they don't know. And in part of that regard, Meyer in fact wrote what she knew, without even realizing it.

I brought a few things I'd experienced and added them in later but really Bella's like 100% more mature than I was at that age.

Lets see. We know that Meyer was in a supposed love triangle while she was in college. She designed Bella after herself look wise. She didn't write vampires correctly, simply because she did no or little research. So, what is it that happens to not be her experiences? Do those experiences actually make it so that Bella is not her?

Truth of the matter is, it doesn't. A lot of self inserts live lives that the author can't live. For example, all the guys falling for Bella. Bella getting to have the hottest guy crush on her despite the fact that she is plain Jane. These things may not have happened to Meyer in real life, but these are what would have happened to her, if she had gone to her fictional world.

I am also scared if Bella is supposidly more mature then Meyer at that age. But then, it may explain a lot of things. Cooking, cleaning, those aren't signs of maturity. A mature person doesn't talk down to their parents no matter how problematic they are. They also don't go on a day trip with some guy they don't know or barely know.

I was really sheltered and she had to be the grownup all of the time, and I kind of admired that when I see that it people around me, that's gotta be hard.

Not to offend Meyer here, but it is really obvious that she lived a really sheltered life. However, Bella's being grown up isn't realistic at all. Actually, I see this kind of grown up character with many fanfic writers who want a little more freedom in their life or they are irritated with their parents. Yet they have no clue what it means to be grown up.

Author's note – This was originally posted to my LJ account on the 19th of November, 2010.