7. (blank) Is Cooler

Here is the seventh argument on the list. "a story about a vampire,werewolf, and mortal beats a swinging wand boy and his enemy the beast". Perhaps I should write a story where Draco's become a vampire and is trying to win Hermione Granger's heart only to have to compete with Remus for her heart. Actually, that isn't a good example of a story and honestly isn't something I would ever write simply because the characters wouldn't work. The point I was trying to make is that Harry Potter has vampires, it has werewolves and it has mortals, but I will admit that the story doesn't focus on those three.

But it is an example of something else. Having a story about those three doesn't make it a good story, nor is having a story with wizards either. It's kind of like the argument Naruto and One Piece fans lob at each other, whether ninjas or pirates are better. In the long run it runs down to personal preference. Of course, the Harry Potter fans argue that "a wizard fighting his mortal enemy beats a story about a vampire, werewolf and a mortal." So they're wrong in what they're saying, right? Except they're specifically talking about Harry Potter and Twilight and not the other stories out there that happen to be about a "vampire, werewolf and a mortal", so it isn't an argument about whether wizards beat vampires.

If one were to compare the two actual stories, Harry Potter is better. The Twilight plot line is a very basic plot line, while Harry Potter has even more elements in it. The characterization is better and the books break a whole lot less of Mark Twain's rules for proper writing. Meyer on the other hand breaks so many of his rules it isn't funny. So yes, the Harry Potter series plot line does in fact beat out the plot line for Twilight. But what if someone wants to argue which series has the "cooler" thing. Problem is Harry Potter has vampires, it has werewolves and it has mortals. It has a lot of things that Twilight doesn't have.