4. Twilight has a plot.

Forth on the list from 3000 Reasons Why Twilight Is Better Than Harry Potter is "it has a PLOT!" I'm going to start off with the fact that this is very much like "the actors/actresses who film the movie are talented". Both Twilight and Harry Potter have a plot. This statement from me is going to cause a few people to say, wait... one of the arguments against Twilight is that it has no plot. So, that is where this essay is going to start.

Every single piece of work has a plot including smut. The reason people say that smut has no plot is because the plot is typically limited to smut. Sometimes you get a smut story where something other then smut happens. This is where the term plot, what plot comes from. It isn't that there is no plot that the pwp label gets slapped onto a work. The pwp label gets slapped on things because there is little to the actual story.

The question comes then why do people say that something has no plot when every story does in fact have a plot to it? When people say that there is no plot what they are really saying is that the story lacks the elements of plot that create a good story. Even well written stories for the slice of life genre uses the elements of plot to make it so that the story flows well. So what are the elements of the plot then? They are beginning,middleand the end along with what comes between each of these, rising and falling action. The first three are also known as exposition, climax and resolution.

I think it is really easy to identify the beginning, middle and end of the story. Or I thought so when I went to google the answer online. One person answered that the exposition for Twilight is when they are playing the baseball game, but is this really where the story starts? Another person stated that the exposition was the prolog. A prolog is never the beginning of a story unless it tells the beginning of a story though. Another person identified the exposition as "when Edward talks about other vampires and such."

Let me repeat the fact that an exposition is the beginning of the story. Bella's story is supposed to start when she moves to Forks. The climax is when Bella is captured and taken captive and the ending or resolution is that Edward and Bella get to go to the prom together. A few people may be thinking something along the lines, but the exposition to the actual conflict is James wanting to hunt her down and the resolution is Edward rescuing her. That is the exposition and resolution to the main conflict though and not the story.

Compare this to the exposition, climax and resolution to the first story. The exposition happens to be Harry Potter surviving the attack made by Voldemort and going to live with his Aunt and her family. The climax is having to face Quirrel and Voldemort for the stone and the resolution is finding out that Harry has succeeded in defeating them. The whole resolution, climax and exposition ties together much better then it does with Twilight. Examination of the real "points" for Twilight reveals that the story has a lack in the plot elements.

In reference to "points" I'm referring to the fact when you chart out the five plot elements you find yourself looking a what looks like a mountain. In the same regard a story can have two climaxes within the story and there are such things as sub-climaxes. In a normal plot line you have your main "points" form a triangle and the falling and rising action are lines in between these points. They will form a straight line unless you chart multiple climaxes and sub climaxes.

Twilight is different. As I pointed out the exposition and resolution for the main conflict for Twilight is different then the exposition and resolution for the actual books. There is also no falling or rising action between the two "expositions" and the two "resolutions" and it is like a flat plain between the two points. A good story introduces the conflict at the very beginning even if it uses good foreshadowing to do it. The resolution may leave the book open for a new story, but it doesn't introduce the conflict for the next story unless the conflict is some sort of unresolved process.

So, the reason people say that Twilight has no plot comes from the fact that compared to stories that use the elements of plot well it does in fact have no plot or a lack there of. So saying that Twilight is lacking in the plot department is not an inaccurate statement either. And if the person in question is using plot to refer to the elements of plot they are not incorrect in saying that it has no plot, because while all stories have plot, not all stories have the elements of plot.