Noelle is poised, smart, and drop dead gorgeous. She's the Upper East Side's crown jewel, the princess of New York. Zach is handsome, cocky, and has a smirk that makes girls go weak. He's the playboy of the Upper East Side, and the boy that all the girls compete for. An unlikely pair, but yet the most perfect one, Noelle and Zach were never easy.

They're thirteen, and Zach has already started to make a name for himself, dating Olivia and dumping her for Katie, and then going for Tally. They all know each other, in a world as small as theirs; it's inevitable that everybody is somebody. It's the weekend, and everyone who is anyone is at the Perkatory, the coffee shop for the rich and famous. Noelle and her friends are coming in, holding bags full of Chanel and Gucci, Louis Vuitton and with names like Saks Fifth and Nordstroms. They take their table, the one is full view of the rest of the room right as the group of boys comes in. They're slightly sweaty from lacrosse, and the girls sitting in tables nearest swoon. Smirking and cockily Zach leads his group to the same table, inserting themselves next to girls and crowding the table comfortably.

Drinks and food come, just as Zach slides into the seat next to Noelle. Noelle pretends not to notice, keeping her conversation with Samantha on her right. She has to notice when he puts his arm around the back of her chair. She gives him an amused look as she asks sweetly, "Zachary, what are you doing?" The table goes quiet watching the two's exchange. "My arm is tired, and I needed a place to put it." He says with a shrug, giving his infamous smirk. "Zach" she says slowly, as if talking to a two year old, "it's not necessary to put it on my chair." She tosses her glossy chestnut hair over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow in challenge. "I think you like it." He says moving his chair closer to her, letting his hand graze her shoulder. "Zach" she says with a warning tone, but before she can finish, he kisses her.

She kisses him back, until she realizes what she's doing and pulls away. Catcalls and giggles, slaps on the back for Zach and quick texts for Noelle come immediately after. But nothing can shake either of them. "Zachary Montgomery, what was that for?" she says reapplying lip gloss. "Whatever you want it to be sweetheart." He says getting up, and just leaving. Noelle rolls her eyes with good humor, and turns back to her conversation. The rest of the boys follow, and Noelle steals a quick look out the window, to see Zach's smirk. And she pretends it doesn't make her stomach flutter.