Zachary Montgomery comes into the room silently (he may be twenty-two now but that doesn't mean he's less ninja), and comes up behind his girlfriend, Noelle, picking her up and twirling her around. Noelle is working on a paper for college (Harvard, just like her Daddy) and squeals as she feels familiar arms wrap around her waist. "Zach!" she squeals and laughs as he slows down and she leans against him. "Hey." She says softly as she turns her head and he presses a kiss into her hair. "Wanna go out tonight?" he asks, and she shakes her head, "Zach, I have a paper and I have to read Pride and Prejudice. Tomorrow night?" she says, twisting so that she's facing him completely. "Didn't you read that like, sixty times when we were in high school?" Zach says, looking at her skeptically. "I still need to review!", Noelle protests slipping out of his arms, back towards her desk. "But I even got dressed up." Zach protests and Noelle turns to study him. "What's the occasion?"she asks, with renewed interest, "Reservations at Le Grande" he says with a smirk as her grey eyes grow large.

"But I love Le Grande!" Noelle whines, and Zach laughs. "Well get dressed then" he suggests and Noelle shakes her head with a smile. "Fine, you win." She says getting up to stand in front of her closet. As she's contemplating her closet, she turns to see Zach leaning against her four poster, with that smirk that she's grown to love. "Zachary Montgomery, leave." She commands with a pointed look at the door. "Nah, I'm good here." He says with a shrug, and hides a smile at how she turns with her hands on her hips, like she could threaten him (the girl's six inches shorter than him). "Zach…" she says warningly. "Noelle…" he teases back, "And besides, it's not like I haven't seen everything before…" He laughs at the indignant look on her face and ducks as she throws a pillow at his head. "Zach out!" she says loudly, and with his hands up in defeat, and a grin, he walks out to wait.

He doesn't know why it always takes her so long to get ready, and he's contemplating going in just to bother her, but she comes out and takes his breath away like always. "This good?" she asks as she twirls around, and stops to let the purple Elle Saab mini settle around her again. "You look amazing." He says honestly, getting off the couch to wait by the door. "Thanks, now let's go!" she says as she pulls on a pair of Loubitons , a black peacoat, and takes his hand.

In the car, Zach's a little fidgety as Noelle curls up next to him. Noelle attributes it to him being hungry. He knows it's because of a certain robin blue box in his suit pocket. As the pull up in front of the restaurant and he helps Noelle out, his longtime driver (and confidant) Paul winks at him and gives him a thumbs up. Zach brushes off any nerves, because, well, he's Zachary Montgomery and really, how hard is it to propose? "So what table did you reserve?" Noelle asks as the walk past paparazzi (on a bad news night) and he snaps a photo. "I didn't reserve anything." Zach admits with a sheepish grin. Noelle rolls her eyes good naturedly, "But they have to let us in cause your dad could close them down if they didn't right?" "Something like that." Zach says with a grin as they approach the desk. "Hello, welcome to Le Grande" a teenage girl says in a bored tone not even bothering to look up from the book, "What's the last name?" "We don't have a reservation actually." Zach says smoothly, and the girl looks up annoyed, "Well then there's a wait-" and she stops, and her face looks shocked. "You're Noelle Johnson!" she says excitedly, and Noelle laughs. "And you're… You're Zachary Montgomery!"

Zach laughs at this to, and mutters to Noelle, "Why is it everyone recognizes you first?" She's about to reply when the manager (who just happens to be a close family friend) bustles out. "I'm so sorry!" he gushes as he glares at the young girl and ushers them into the restaurant. "Here you go!" he chirps and they thank him profusely as they sit down. They order, and talk, with good natured bickering and laughs. He flirts shamelessly, even though they've dated for nearly six years, and she discreetly runs her foot up and down his leg. The rude girl from before even comes and apologizes as she asks for an autograph ("because I think Zoelle is so adorable!") and they willingly sign. Noelle may be loose and relaxed, but Zach feels the box getting heavier in his pocket every second. When they leave (it's on the house), Zach convinces Noelle to walk with him, because it's not quite late yet, and the sun hasn't quite set all the way.

They're walking down familiar paths of central park, and he has an arm wrapped around her, keeping her close, and she has a hand entwined with his as they walk down the paths. Zach stops in front of a bench (he thinks she doesn't remember exactly what bench it is but she does), and lets go of her. She lets out a little gasp as he kneels down, and a Robin Blue box comes out. "Noelle, I love you. I always have, always will. And, I couldn't imagine the rest of my life without you in it. So Noelle Venus Johnson, will you marry me?" With a flick of his wrist, he opens the box, and Noelle lets out a full fledged gasp, because it's a princess cut Canary diamond, and she comes back to reality as she squeals, "Yes! Yes yes yes!" and he stands up and she kisses him and it's all so perfect, and both of them thinks that life can't get any better. When they finally have to break apart for air, he slides the ring onto her finger, and they both look at it. "Omigod we're getting married!" Noelle shouts and Zach laughs. "That's generally what happens when a person proposes." She laughs and she feels giddy as she tilts her head back and takes a deep breath, "Noelle Montgomery. I like it." And he kisses her again, she knows that she's going to be perfectly happy as Noelle Montgomery for the rest of her life.


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