In a little town on the side of a big mountain my family has thrived for three generations. They are farmers, cowboys, ranchers and if you ask me gods. Any man can sit in an office or push a button all day. But not everyman can be a cowboy. It's a true mans work. And not every girl can be a cowgirl. Our scars tell of our hardships. Our horses set us free. And out land tells our story.

From the small creek that flows down the mountain where my great great grandma washed clothes and pots to the vast fields that thousands of horses hoofs have crossed. The land tells our story. It tells of the first of my family to get here. It tells how they had to chop down trees to make a home for themselves. My family has worked long and hard for the things they have.

My father is a true cowboy. When he was young he left the farm to go and ride in the rodeo. My grandpa says there was never a bull my daddy couldn't ride. Garndpa said that nothing could tame the wild and crazy Joe Carlson. That is untill he met Kassandra Bradson. Some how my mother managed to tame the tough Joe Carlson and they ended up moving back to the ranch and running it when Grandpa got to old.

Truthfully. I shouldn't say he got to old. He did get to old to do it alone but he is still out there everyday riding his horse. How a seventy year old man gets himself on and off that horse is beond me but, I've learned that when it comes to grandpa you just don't ask.

Well, back to Kassy and Joe. I don't think I can exactly say she tamed him because they ended up having three boys and and five girls. Their oldest is Jermey. He is 30 years old now and his wife Lilly and him have three kids of their own. They are Harper, who is nine. Hailey, who is five and their youngest is Connor. He is two and the cutiest little kid in the world. Jeffery is 27. He is somewhere chasing that dream they call rodeo. He said he wasn't coming home till he had more trophies and had rode more bulls then dad but, I dont think thats possible. Jack is the youngest boy and he is 24. He lives in town and is working as a contractor. He has a girlfriend and we are all hoping he will grow up and propose to her already.

Britlyn is the oldest girl in our family. She is 22 and lives in the main ranch house still. She is the ropping girl in the family. She loves to get out there and rope calfs. She wins just about every compition she enters. She has a son who is nine months named Cody but she dosn't have a boyfriend or anything like that. Shes to hardheaded and independent for most guys. Jillian is 21 and she is the crazy child in the family. Dad says she is the reason all of his hair went gray. She lives in an appartment in town and is taking college classses on line. She thinks she is going to become some amazing writer or something but, she never lets anyone read what she writes. So, who knows if she is any good or not.

I am the daugher right under Jill. I am 17 and my name is Brooklynn. I am the barrel racer in the family. Me and my horse Vegas win every compititon we enter. I am a junior in highschool and love this ranch more than anything in the world. Becca is one of my younger sisters. She is 14 and cant wait to get out of this town. She is a dancer and never wants anything to do with horses. The youngest of all of us in Baliey. She is 13 and she loves Mules. I don't think I will ever understand her facination with them. She has five of them and they are her babys. Bailey is the odd one in the family.

My dad, Lilly,Becca, Bailey, and I all live in the main ranch house. My mom died when I was seven so I guess Britlyn hasn't moved out yet because she feels like she has to play mom for all of us. I feel bad sometimes but, I don't know where I would be without her. Grandpa lives in the little guest house down the road a little ways. We also have about 16 men living in our bunck houses. They run the tractors train the horses and take care of the feilds.

"Brooklynn Grace Carlson! You have two minutes to be down stairs and sitting in this chair before I come and get you!" Britlyn yelled up the stairs. She had this odd problem where she had to have everyone sitting down at the dinner table for dinner.

"Ok! Take a chill pill MOM!" I said sarcasticly back as I took my seat on the left of my father. Britlyn hates it when we call her mom. I looked at the table and saw a bunch of boxes of pizza. "Wow we sure know fine dinning." I said under my breath. Well, I thought I said it under my breath but apparently everyone heard because Brit popped me in the back of the head and Bailey giggled. At least someone though I was funny.

"You know what we did to sarcastic girls back in my day?" Grandpa said from across the table. He had a deep raspy voice like he smoked ten packs of cigeretts a day. "We sent them to their room with no supper. Yes we did." He said as he picked up a piece of pizza and shoved it towards his mouth. I think he got more foom on his beard then in his mouth.

"Yes grandpa but you see many things have happened since your day. We created fire and the wheele!" I grabed a piece of pizza and sat in on my plate. Britlyn gave me a death glare. She had our dads piercing greay eyes. Becca and all of the boys also had the piercing grey Carlson eyes. They all also had the dark brown hair. Jill, Bailey and I all got our mothers Brown eyes and dirty blond hair. We all have white skin though.

"Watch the attitude Brooklynn." My dad said in his stern I am your father voice.

"I was just stating a fact." I mumbled once again to loud.

"Just keep digging your grave Brook sooner or later your are going to have to lay in it." Britlyn said from across the table.

"Ok, you know that makes no since... What difference does it make how deep my grave is? Why would I care if I am dead?" I took a bite of my pizza and got up to get a soda.

"Brook!" My father said loudly. " Let us have one dinner... just one where you don't run your mouth the whole time."

"MY mouth isnt running it's still attached to the rest of me." I said with a smile. That might just be the crapiest comeback I have ever thought of but it got me what I wanted. My dad looked at me and his eyes saw red.

"Go to your room now!" He said in a freakishly calm voice

"Gladly." I said with a smile and headed back up the stairs. I shut the door to my room and threw on my riding jeans and a long sleved v-neck sweater. I grabed my brown jacket and cowboy boots and threw them on too. I took my hair out of its clip so it waved down my back to my waiste. I looked in the mirror for a second befor going over to the window and slowly opening it. I slid out and grabed onto the tree across from me. I expertly made it to the ground and took off running for the barn.

My dog Jazzy started to run with me as we made our way into the stalls. Vegas poped his head out of his stall when I entered the barn. I grabbed his britle and opened his stall.

"Hey buddy, you ready to run?" He threw his head in the air as I put his briddle on. I grabed a brush and brushed him down real fast before I swung myself up and headed out of the barn. with Jazzy at our heels Vegas and I took off into the night. I giggled as I realizedthe vegas is as black as black beauty but most likely bigger.

We ran threw the trees untill we got to the creek. we slowed down at the creek untill we got to the bunck houses. I looked down at Jazzy who was breathing hard.

"Ok Jazz go find me Brad!" I said in a funny voice to my black lab. She looked at me and ran in a circle. "Come on Jazz go get him." The dog took off running towards the bunk houses. A few minutes later Brad and Jazzy came walking back. Brad is 18 and works for my dad. He is about six foot two and a handsome cowboy. He has black hair and slightly tanned skin. He walked over to me and I leaned down. He kissed me lightly on the lips and smiled.

"Well howdy cowgirl." He said and swung up on the horse behind me. I kicked Vegas and we started walking down the creek.

"Howdy yourself. How was your day?" I said as I leaned my head back on his sholder. He wraped his arms around my waiste and sat his head on my shoulder.

"You know same old same old. I drove a tractor, rode a horse or two, thought about a beautiful girl. The usual." I smiled at his answer.

"Ya same here. I went to school got kicked out of math. Got lunch detention with Taylor for having a water fight. Got kiched out of gym and english. Oh I got a referal in history. Then I came home and got sent to my room with no dinner..." I smiled and kissed his cheek. "You know he usual." He laughed and squeezed me tighter.

We talked about well... Just about everything for who knows how long. We stoped in a patch of grass and laied down and looked up at the starts. "You know, It makes me wonder whats out there." He whispered in my ear as we gazed at the sky.

" I know what you mean. I like to think my mom is up there. Looking down at me and watching over me. I just hope she would be proud of me." I sighed and rolled over so my head was on his chest. I listened to the steady beat of his heart nd felt the even motion of his breathing as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.