Love of my life
–of this world,
Please forgive my serious tone,
as selfishly I'd've thought,
I have
undying thirst for love, though true,
and sate in others
if not for you...

This Plane of Ways to Love
as I cannot count just one,
as with dreams of sleep to days when writing
reach, Revealing dedication
to World of lost expression
with Never overstepped correction,
saying, It is only you for whom I do this,
only you My Love,

I will not give my trust expectantly,
but if when break appear,
might you take a lesser day,
one in which you may do little,
and spend it with me,
as my heart fledge having seen your soul;
and then we kissed,
and what, in this, you sensed,
in all the pleasures I know
--I may never.

And though this day—tomorrow is,
Thanks to each be given
within words, Has it been long enough?
Not since last exchange,
but since these eyes engaged,
still wanting nothing more than your presence
so as to ask, Forgive my not return
when I could not know you were looking;
I would never miss a chance to meet with you.