this is all that is left
of you.

do you
regret it?

and she just shakes her head,
"no, no,
i had to do something with the time."

we are crashing cars into star-studded horizons and
shooting holes in the sky.
it doesn't make a damn bit of sense but
did you expect it to?

she's sorry, i know it,
all she's got to do is say the words,
but you see it's already
quite too late for any of that
redemption nonsense.

lost like i'm in purgatory,
singing to her like maybe she could
lead me home; but we finally get to the end of
this carousel and i see that she's
the one who's on the edge.

i'm trying to hold on but
she's slipping out of my grasp.

this is it.
the final chapter.
not the epilogue, but she
doesn't live to see that, so
let's not mention it.

she lays dying in my arms as
i am resurrected. what
sick fucking irony.

i say, "i think would have liked to known you."

she says, "i think you did, in the-"

"don't say it," i interrupt, and so we'll
pretend for a second longer that
somewhere the world is made of
cotton-candy lies.

leaves bloodstains across my sheets, trailing her
death-tainted fingers and ragged bullet wounds
across my hospital bed. but i'll forgive her this

(the song is winding down to its finish,
and darling as much as i love you,
you can't come back for the encore.)

so i whisper, "sing to me."

and she does.

her tattered edges are fraying

her eyes are glowing with something i've
only tasted

i can hear the strings building up to the

and then it is

the end.

she wanders into the afterlife with my
"i love you"s trailing from her hair.