Unholy Night1

Callum Guthrie exhaled slowly from where he sat in his recliner, watching without paying much attention to the black and white Christmas show flickering across his TV screen. It was Christmas Eve, and having no family of his own to spend time with, even at age 34, he was left to his recliner, the Christmas specials constantly playing, and the specially spiked eggnog in his hand.2

He took a swallow of the eggnog, wiping the excess liquid off his face before setting it back down at the small table beside his recliner. Despite his present- and usual- solitude, and the dawning holiday, to arrive within the next hour, Callum did not feel depressed or self-pitying. In fact, he felt a sense of contentment; though perhaps not quite as much as he could have had, it was contentment all the same. This holiday season had been an enjoyable one- even more so than usual. Callum had always been able to busy himself, to make his single status not quite so stark and lonely to him, but this year he had had decided to really put himself out there and get into the holiday spirit, make the season special.3

Though he was far from plump and elderly, Callum had decided, as an after hours and weekend endeavor, to hire himself out as a Santa Claus at his local shopping mall. The mall had been happy to have him, as they needed several Santas for the busy shopping weeks before Christmas. With a little padding and beard, along, of course, with the red velvet Santa suit and hat, Callum had slid into the role nicely. He had even agreed, upon the offer of one child's mother, who had just happened to own a local coffee shop, to play Santa for her business the evening before. His stint as Santa Claus had brought a lot of business to the small shop as parents brought their children in to see Santa, and Callum had been glad to be able to help them with that.4

Yes, playing Santa Claus for the past few weeks had definitely helped Callum get into the Christmas spirit more fully than in the years before. He enjoyed being around the children, hearing their innocent requests… it was really a shame that he'd never had any of his own. But perhaps some day… there was still time yet.5

He took another few swallows of his eggnog, then flipped the channel on the TV to another Christmas movie. This one had paid more attention to. It was the 1990's version of Miracle on 34th Street. It was a decent enough movie, and Callum had always liked the little girl actress in it, Mara Wilson. He wondered whatever had happened to her…6

He found his mind drifting as he watched the movie, finding himself growing absorbed by what he was watching so much that he grew unaware of his surroundings. When around ten minutes later he finally glanced up, Callum was quite astonished to see two figures standing in his doorway. 7

It was a man and woman standing there- or so he assumed the female was a woman, for from her height, clothing, and small, delicate figure, she could easily have been a teenager or young girl. The man was outfitted in a Santa suit very much like the ones Callum had grown accustomed to wearing, complete with black boots, black buckle, full beard, and hat. He wore no padded pillow, however, and from what he could see of the man's face, he appeared to be even younger than Callum- perhaps in his mid to late twenties.8

The female was small, particularly next to the male. Had Callum been judging her strictly by her clothing, he would have put her age at eight or nine years old- for she was wearing what looked like a large child's red velvet dress, complete with lace collar and cuffs, white tights, and shiny Mary Janes. There was a matching headband holding back her short dark hair; all in all, she looked like a Victorian Christmas child, or, if given allowance for her small breasts and slender hips, perhaps a twelve-year-old. But no child Callum had ever encountered had looked at him with such dark, knowing eyes… eyes that glittered with a self-satisfied pleasure that actually sent a shudder down his spine. Eyes that exactly mirrored the sentiments expressed in the man's beside her… 9

And then the man spoke, his voice slow, full of wry amusment.10

"Ho ho ho…merry Christmas, Callum…"11

Callum started, his features freezing with shock, and he quickly adjusted his position in the recliner. Quickly putting down the chair's footrest, he started to jump to his feet, but the man in the Santa suit took a step forward that Callum could only interpret as menacing.12

"No, I think it would be best for him to stay put, don't you, Rikarah?"13

The young woman beside him- Rikarah, Callum thought rapidly, he had called her Rikarah- nodded, giving him a pleasant smile that clashed with the odd gleam in her dark eyes.14

"Yes, I would take Gavin's advice on that one… that would be your best option in the long run."15

Callum ignored them, of course; he got to his feet, his heart hammering in his chest with his sudden anxious fear. He was not yet fleeing, but he was looking for an opportunity to do so, his mind racing. Who were these people…thieves, vandals? He didn't' have much to give them- what if he didn't have what they wanted? 16

He found his eyes going unwillingly to the female, Rikarah, even as he spoke to her, even as his stomach tightened in dread at the sudden situation he had found himself to be in. As he spoke in a voice slightly tighter and more unsteady than usual, he was scanning her slim arms and legs, her chest and delicate features…17

"Who the hell are you… what are you doing here in my house?!"18

"Why, we've come to spread some holiday cheer," Rikarah said smoothly, with same unsettingly sweet/threatening smile from before. "Seeing how you're alone, we figured we'd come to call, keep you company…"19

She took another deliberate step towards him; tensing, eyes darting away, Callum made as if to grab her, to fling her aside in order to run past her. But suddenly two hands had hold of him in extremely strong grips, so strong that Callum's eyes bulged, his bones verging on grinding into each other, and he let out an involuntary yelp of pain. Gavin, the man in the Santa suit, and Rikarah, the young woman who appeared so physically fragile, each had him by a shoulder, and Callum knew with sudden sickening fear that there was to be no way he could escape them before they got whatever it was that they wanted. 20

"Like we said," Gavin drawled slowly, each word nearly a caress, "it would be best for you to stay put."21

Callum swallowed hard, momentarily unable to draw in a breath. He could feel his legs shaking… he didn't' have to look into these people's eyes anymore to know that they were dangerous. They would do whatever it took to get what they wanted, and they would do it without flinching.22

Just get through this, Callum, he told himself desperately, just do whatever they tell you, and you'll have make it out of this…23

"W-what do you want?" he stammered, and Rikarah's smile widened as she leaned in closer to him, face tilted up to regard him.24

"Why, we already told you, Callum," she said sweetly, and one small, finely-boned hand reached to caress his cheek and jaw. "We're here to spread some Christmas cheer, aren't we, baby?"25

Gavin nodded with his lips twisting slightly, and his hand tightened even further on the older yet clearly less strong and shorter man as he cocked his head slowly in a pose mirroring Rikarah's. Callum flinched in dread as well as renewed pain… for coming from the man, and even from the deceptively harmless-looking girl, that innocent head tilt looked ominous… 26

"Is it working?" Gavin asked smoothly, his tone deepening slightly as dark eyes bore heavily into Callum's pale, skittish ones. "Do you feel the cheer?"27

"Funny, Gavin, I don't think he's feeling cheer," Rikarah replied with a mock frown, rocking her head to the other side and taking her hand off Callum's face to bite with exaggerated concern at one fingernail. "I think it looks more like… FEAR."28

Gavin's smile widened with a slowness that caused Callum's heart to twist, and he directed his gaze first at Rikarah, then Callum, his eyes boring into the captive man's with an intense amusement- an intense anticipation- that scared Callum even further.29

"I think you're right, Rika," he replied, "imagine that… perhaps you're brighter than we thought…"30

"What… but how- how did you get in?" Callum stuttered, his eyes still flickering between the pair rapidly as his jaw muscle jerked slightly. The longer they remained in the room, the more panicky he was beginning to feel… for he was beginning to truly fear what they wanted, that he would be unable to escape them. "I didn't hear you…"31

"Of course not," Gavin said dryly, "you were…distracted…"32

Callum gulped… for something about his tone told him he knew… but how could he know? He didn't have a clue who these people were… and yet, they seemed to know him very well…33

"Why, we came in through the front door, of course," Rikarah replied coolly, arching an eyebrow, as if there were no other conceivable options. "You should really be more careful with your locks, Callum…" she dragged a hand up his chest, then traced on finger down his nose, her dark eyes narrowing even as her voice maintained its playful tone. "We just walked right in. But then, I suppose if they had been locked, we would simply have found an alternate way to enter…"34

"Of course," Gavin agreed, and the smile he sent her way seemed so lacking of any real warmth that Callum felt himself automatically attempt to cringe away from him, his stomach seizing. "We are nothing if not creative, Rikarah…"35

They seemed to be a couple, Callum thought rapidly to himself as he continued to glance between them, unable to decide which needed more vigilant watching. They were clearly partners of sorts, clearly knew each other very well…but who WERE they?!36

"Who…who are you?" he asked, trying to sound firm and commanding, to straighten and stiffen his spine, but his voice shook slightly, betraying his nerves. "How do you know my name… what is it that you want from me?"37

His thoughts were scrambling, backtracking hurriedly as he tried to stay focused, stay logical. It couldn't be… of course it couldn't, they were probably simply robbers who got a thrill off intimidation… but what if they were somehow connected to one of them, what if they were family or friends, and this was someone's idea of a good scare… someone's idea of vengeance? What if-38

"You mean you don't remember me?" Rikarah asked in feigned disappointment, and she pressed her body close against his side. In any other circumstances Callum would have been delighted at such close physical contact with such a figure, would have been aroused by it…but now all he could do was concentrate on trying to settle the dread squeezing his insides, pressing against his chest. 39

Rikarah very deliberately reached up, having with her small stature to stretch to do so, beginning to run her fingers through Callum's hair… but she did so in such a way that her nails scraped against his scalp, just hard enough to be painful. Her voice dropped, but Callum understood every word…40

"You don't remember me… well, I suppose that really isn't such a shock. I suppose you had eyes only for the children…"41

Callum's eyes widened, and his features froze; for a few moments he could not remember to draw breath. She knows, he thought wildly as the panic rose high in the him, blocking out all other thoughts and instincts. She knows, she KNOWS… somehow she knows…42

Deny it, quick- don't let her think- you have to make her not think-43

"I don't know what you're talking about," he said desperately. "You don't even know me- you don't…"44

"Oh we know you," Rikarah replied her grip on him suddenly grew heavier, her slight weight at his side suddenly seeming even more oppressive than before… almost as if she were crushing him. Which was ridiculous, he told himself wildly, she couldn't be more than five feet tall… couldn't weigh more than 95 pounds…45

"We know exactly who and what you are," Rikarah went on, and her voice was more like a hiss now. "We know exactly what you do…"46

Oh god, she KNOWS, Callum thought with even more panic than before, and his fear rose higher; almost panting, he considered twisting away, trying to strike back in some way, but the tight grips on him, the gleaming in their eyes, quickly convinced him of the futility of this plan. She knows… oh god, what are they going to do… what…47

"I didn't do anything!" Callum found himself blurting desperately, and his eyes darted between Rikarah and Gavin, beseeching, seeking out a softening, a sign of their understanding. Even as he felt such fear of her, he couldn't stop himself, however, from feeling a low stirring of excitement at her touch, her appearance…48

"I didn't do anything, I swear! I didn't touch them, I didn't hurt them, I didn't do anything! I swear-"49

"But you wanted to," Rikarah cut him off, and her voice was very hard, vicious… "you wanted to, Callum… I could see that. I'm a very perceptive person, you know, very sensitive…"50

With those words she quite deftly flipped a switchblade up and open into her hands. Pressing it up close against his side, just hard enough to make him gasp, to feel the sharpness of its tip, she paused just long enough to smile at Gavin… for now he too had a knife out and ready, held against the man's rapidly pulsing throat. She went on smoothly in her words to him, taking her time with their coming, drawing out his discomfort.51

"You say you don't' remember me, Callum… well let me remind you of our crossing of paths, shall I? Think back to today, as I am quite certain you were doing when we arrived here… think back to any possible reasons why I may know you…"52

Callum tried desperately to think, to remember, but the only faces that came to his mind was the face of the woman who had hired him to work in the caf and the faces of the children…53

"I don't think he remembers, Rika," Gavin said in mock disbelief, widening his eyes exaggeratedly as he looked down at the smaller person on Callum's other side. "How very odd… do you mean to tell me that you, of all people, failed to make an impression?"54

"I guess so, Gav," Rikarah replied, shaking her head with feigned sorrow, but the impish flash in her dark eyes, the curve of her lips, marked her as anything but. "I suppose I should be ashamed… or maybe he should."55

Suddenly her sharp nails were digging into his flesh, hard enough to raise blood… Callum stifled a cry, hoping that if he were silent, if he showed no signs of weakness, that they would relent. A distant hope, especially when he felt very close to releasing his bladder…56

"I have no doubt you remember working as Santa in the coffee shop today," Rikarah hissed, her mouth as close to his ear as their height difference would allow, and he could feel the sudden tautness of her of her muscles now, even as his own quivered. "But you seem not to remember that I too worked there today. I suppose it's an easy thing to forget when your mind- and your libido- is otherwise distracted…"57

She pressed herself even closer against him as Gavin continued to hold him more at a distance on his other side, her body pressed full length into him even as she continued to hold her knife at his side. Callum felt sweat bead on his forehead, his stomach cramping, and it wasn't entirely out of fear…58

"I worked there too, Callum," she almost breathed, and the hand that had previously dug its nail into his flesh was now stroking him gently. "I was a waitress… and you may not have been watching me, but I was watching you…"59

Her legs were parted, his leg clamped between her thighs… he could feel the slim muscle of them beneath her little girl dress, how they were almost as small and well-formed as a slender preteen's. Even with two knives to him, even with a larger man who seemed to be her boyfriend watching them closely, Callum could not help but feel divided, his concentration diverted from the danger…60

"I watched you, Callum," Rikarah repeated, and the hard edge had returned to her voice now, her hand on him tightening once more. "I saw the look in your eyes as you looked at those children… I saw the way you touched them, as if barely able to hold yourself from doing more. I saw the lust, the pleasure in your eyes as you put them in your lap, no doubt often right over the evidence of your arousal… and I saw how you gloated over their oblivion, their innocence to your perversion. Whether or not you saw me, Callum, I saw you… and I remembered."61

Suddenly, the switchblade was up from his side, pointing directly into his face… and Rikarah was smiling, her lips curling up with a slow malice that set Callum's heart knocking even harder.62

"You know, Gavin, I think we should play a little game," she drawled, setting the knife's edge very casually against the man's jaw and using the blade to stroke the flesh deliberately. Callum swallowed, his eyes trying to fixate on the blade and crossing in his attempt to do so…63

"Do you, Riki?" Gavin asked, and the silken amusement was quite evident in both his face and his tone. He seemed to be simultaneously entertained by Rikarah as if she were a playmate, a peer, and yet also enthralled with her as an object of adoration, perhaps even worship. "Sounds interesting…you know how I love to play with you…"64

"And I've got just the game in mind," Rikarah continued, her eyes sparkling as she met Callum's gaze, her slow smile widening even further. "I call it tracing… and all you have to do to play, is take a knife… and trace every part where Callum's thoughts touched… every part his eyes took in… of those children today…"65

Callum couldn't help but choke audibly and he felt his skin go even colder with his heightening terror, actually shaking… they couldn't be serious. They couldn't be… they were just trying to scare him, they COULDN'T be serious…66

But he could see the utter sincerity in their eyes, the total pleasure and even delight they were getting from this, the savage glee they were receiving from his terror… he saw, and despite his frantic denials, he knew that they were indeed sincere. 67

"Excellent," Gavin approved, and Callum felt bones grinding into each other as his grip on him hardened, was unable to stop a short scream of agony. "You always were good at inventing new games… so what are the rules?"68

"No rules," Rikarah replied casually, and Callum understood the threat behind her words even in his desperate state of mind.69

Gavin frowned slightly; it was not clear whether this was genuine, or a rather further play of his for merely dramatic purposes.70

"No rules? Then how do we know the game is over… how do we know who wins?"71

"Easy," Rikarah grinned, "the game is over when we have rendered him entirely unrecognizable… and once this is accomplished, we'll call it a tie."72

Gavin grinned back at her; though his mouth was larger and wider than hers, the twisting manner of their smiles was uncannily alike in appearance.73

"Good call, baby… I love it when we both win."74

"We always do," Rikarah murmured throatily; they sounded and looked at each other in the loving, affectionate way of two young adults in a serious relationship, young adults who cared for and were attracted to each other considerably. Which they were… only their Christmas garb, the switchblades in their hands, and the shivering man firmly held between them made the scene a macabre one.75

"Please," Callum begged, feeling his attempts to stay strong crack completely, and he could feel tears beginning to slide down his cheeks, his voice breaking as he looked between them with desperation stark in his features. "Please, please don't do this… I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'll never do it again! I'll do anything… I'll do anything, please, just don't do this…"76

"Really?" Rikarah asked quizzically, and she tilted her head to regard him. "Anything? Well do this then… try not to scream!"77

With that she stuck her switchblade into his side, just deep enough to send hot waves of pain rolling up his torso, to make him scream in pain and horror, but not deep enough to damage vital organs or arteries. Rikarah appeared oblivious to his anguished expression, his panting breaths and renewed pleas for mercy. Instead she looked over at her companion with the calmness of a teacher instructing a student.78

"Let's see… we should trace the eyes, Gavin… the lips, the neck, chest…legs…ass…"79

"Penis," Gavin added helpfully, and both he and Rikarah grinned as Callum's face blanched, his eyes bulging…80

"You can do those honors, baby…you know these hands are only made for yours…"81

"No problem, Riki," Gavin said warmly, even as his eyes held all the heat of an iceberg. "I'll certainly step in…"82

Their eyes bulged locked on each other's, an exchanging of like devious smiles stretched across their faces widely, they turned to regard the man before them, grips tightening on their knives noticeably. Callum felt his bladder release itself, a low whimper escaping him.83

"Please," he nearly moaned. "I'll do anything…"84

"We know," Rikarah replied sharply, her pretty pixie face drawing together in a way that he could only regard as terrifying. "And that's why you're going to die."85

Two hands rose in near synchronization, just before the screams pierced the night.86

The screams had not lasted long, of course. Nearly immediately Gavin had cut his throat, deeply enough to pierce his vocal cords, but in such a manner that Callum had not died for several more minutes. He had remained conscious and fully aware of his pain, the horror that was happening to him, even as they continued to cut him precisely in the manner Rikarah had suggested. Afterward, once the body was in the condition needed for them to win, they had removed all evidence of blood and fingerprints, an activity that had taken several hours. Clean up was the tedious part, but well worth it…88

The body had been gathered into a black garbage bag carefully padded with crumpled wrapping paper and bows, set several blocks away in an alley dumpster. Everything, as usual, had been efficiently handled before they left… there was no easy way to trace their fun.89

Neither were worried in the slightest as they stood together under the spray of their apartment's shower; both were relaxed, both were adrenalized, and both were concerned only with each other and the activities of their Christmas Eve together….90

Gavin's breathing was a little more erratic than usual, and his smile was showing the intensity of his pleasure even as its corners twisted up dangerously. He ran his hands over Rikarah's wet body, intensely enjoying the feeling of the water running over them as he pressed himself close against her backside, his fingers eagerly tracing rough outlines of her shape as he ran his hands across her flesh. Rikarah gave a soft sound of pleasure, closing her eyes and digging herself back further into his body, allowing his hands to run over her breasts and stomach, her hips and thighs and backside…92

As Gavin's head lowered, and he began to kiss her neck and shoulders, with a slow but not exactly gentle display of sucking and nipping at the damp expanse of flesh, she allowed him to, her own breath growing short, her heart speeding up in excitement. And when she felt him grow harder against her, Rikarah could no longer remain deliberately passive in their exchanging.93

She turned around in his arms, facing him along with the spray of the shower's water, and hugged him hard for a moment, briefly resting her head against his chest… because she was so small, more like against his ribs. Gavin embraced her as well, so tightly that it would seem to an outsider that he was causing her pain… but Rikarah made no noise to indicate as such, and in fact, she was smiling as broadly as he was.94

It was difficult for them to know who moved first; perhaps, with their seemingly synchronized states of mind, they moved simultaneously. Whatever the case, the nearly brutal embrace quickly became rapid groping, grabbing and rubbing, scraping and squeezing, rather than gentle stroking or caresses. As they kissed and bit each other's lip and flesh in near frenzied, hungry intensity, blood welling up from some of their passion-inflicted scratches mingled with water being sucked down the shower drain.95

When they had finally slowed, they just gripped each other tightly, almost panting as they were forced to remember to take a breath. Both their eyes were open wide, their surface shimmering with near ecstastic pleasure and excitement, and their bodies trembled slightly against each other, chests heaving. Their breathing was ragged, warming each other's already heated skin, and neither could diminish their wide beaming smiles.96

"You're so amazing, Rikarah," Gavin gasped, swallowing audibly in an effort to calm the heartbeat she could so clearly hear, so close to her ear… "WE'RE so amazing, together…"97

Rikarah nodded breathlessly against him, her sodden hair sliding wetly across his bare chest. Her facial muscles were beginning to ache slightly from her smile…98

"I know," she replied, almost smugly. "I know…"99

At that, Gavin started to laugh, somewhat more hoarsely than usual; Rikarah felt his body quiver all the harder against her as his arms pulled her even closer to him, and she began to laugh too. She felt light and tiny and free, as if she and Gavin were going to simply float up into the sky and rule over everyone and everything.100

And couldn't they- wasn't that exactly what they were doing now?101

When Gavin's contagious mirth had died down slightly, he squeezed her to him again, lifting her face to kiss her in a rough, dominating way that always got a rise from her. Rikarah kissed him back in the same manner; to anyone who might have seen this, it would have looked like they were trying to hurt each other, and in a way, that person would have been right.102

After they had finally pulled away from each other lips, once more catching their breath, Gavin looked down into Rikarah's eyes, still beaming in a way that was anything but sweet and good humored. Suddenly lifting her up into his arms, holding her on his hip as if she were a young child, he reached to turn off the shower off. Stepping out of the tub dripping wet, with Rikarah still in his arms, he exited the bathroom…103

He sat naked on their bed in the bedroom, neither noticing or caring about the water they had dripped on the floor, the wet spot forming on their blanket underneath his ass. He simply arranged Rikarah's equally unclad body in his arms, sitting her up on his lap as if she were a child as his arms went to encircle her waist and shoulders. Quickly Rikarah wiggled slowly on his lap, as though making herself more comfortable… but they both knew it was an excuse to grind herself against him. Pulling her even more tightly up against him, Gavin smiled down at her, his dark eye glinting. 104

"So, Riki… have you been a good little girl this year?"105

Rikarah grinned, her eyes carrying an identical wicked light as she slowly wiggled herself against him again, her hand on his thigh creeping up higher…higher..106

"No," she replied huskily, "but something tells me this Santa doesn't mind."107

"No," Gavin said immediately, "he could care less."

As he leaned his head to kiss her harshly, their arms wound around each other, hands fumbling over nude backs and shoulders and chests hurriedly. And their scratched flesh still slowly seeped blood, tinged a cheery holiday hue.