First Chapter of My Na-no novel, which ended up being me completely re-imagining an old idea.

Following Lord Slayers advice on my other stories, I've tried to keep the chapters here short'n sweet compared to the rest of my tales which are invariably long and lengthy.

Without further Adeu, I give you: Irae and the Recipe for Disaster.

Chapter one: Adventure. I hates it.
"The entire purpose of civilization, is to get as far from nature as possible. Hence, camping is the most degenerate activity one can participate in."

The argument was a good one. He'd had examples. He'd had demonstrations and diagrams with tabulated data containing examples of uncivilized conduct, impoliteness and disorderly behavior showing quantifiably and conclusively that camping equals chaos. In addition to the facts he'd included the point that he was outside the age bracket, being a member of the eleventh year on academic merit rather than lifetime elapsed.

The principal was however, unimpressed by the preparation and the cogency of the argument of Irae Nutrit, stating quite emphatically that the ten day hike was character building; providing his own well rounded persona to attest to the results of attendance.

The interview turned sour as Irae admitted that he'd incorporated Principal Stultorum's personality into his calculations for the long term effect's exposure to a natural environment would inflict on an individual.

Irae was honest to a point. That point being of course when the six foot ten principle picked him up by his collar and dumped him on his rump outside his office.
Irae looked up and winced as his pointer bounced off his forehead.

The ruddy face of Stultorum filled Irae's vision, causing the boy to recoil from the larger mans rancid breath. His nose twitched. Corn liquor he mentally grimaced; only something horribly cheap would linger like that. It seemed he'd caught the principle at a bad time; although admittedly the former sport-star turned educator fell off the proverbial wagon with almost monotonous regularity.

Another blast of rancid exhalation blew back the strands of crimson hair that hung loosely down from Irea's forehead.

"Listen up" Stultorum poked Irae in the sternum as he spoke "You are not an exception. You will be going on this camp and to keep an eye on you, I'm going to put you in the prefect group!"

Irae drew breath to shout and then found himself only able to utter an involuntary "Uwah!" before breaking into a fit of coughs.
Stultorum laughed and walked back inside his office, leaving the stunned Irae on the carpet of the corridor that had the misfortune to connect to his office. Irae let his hands clench around tufts of the thick blue bristles, his slight frame quivering with anger and the injustice of the situation.

He breathed deeply, multiplying upwards, calming himself. 720, 5040, 40320; it didn't mean anything.
There were plenty of chances to skip out yet. 622702080… No. He'd missed a zero somewhere there, or had he?
It didn't matter. His fit of anger had petered out.
Irae stood, brushed himself off and initiated a tactical withdrawal from the principles territory.

He refused to go on this camp; he had not even yet begun to fight!

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