Chapter twenty-one: Redeaned.

Luceate awoke with an unfamiliar girl in an akubra hat shaking her awake.
"Hup you get. I'm Charle and I've been told to get you along to the Dean."

"My leg." Luceate began, only to realise it didn't hurt. Charle threw off the covers.
"You're healed." She helped Luceate to stand.

"It... wasn't real?" Luceate asked, wide eyed.
Charle shook her head "It was real alright. You got pretty mangled."

Georgene and Sauron came running and flying into the medical tent.

Georgene launched herself at Luceate "You won! That was so awesome!"
Luceate blinked "I what now?".
Floating alongside, Saurond nodded "You did really well, surviving those clockodiles you managed to hang on for another fifteen minutes before your state got so bad they had to pull you out. The runner up carked it about ten minutes before you 'died'."
Luceate nodded mutely "Where's Irae?"
Charle stopped her inspection of Georgene and looked over at Luceate "Hmm? Oh, him, he's with the dean, here I'll show you the way."

Charle lead Luceate to the deans office while Georgene told her about how the battle looked from the spectator perspective. "-and your meeting with Irae was amazing... and romantic, you talked like right there while people were firing at you! What's the deal with you two?"

Luceate was slightly embarrassed "Right, yeah...." she was saved by the Charle, who opened up a door and motioned for her to go inside.

As she entered she just caught Charle saying to Georgene "You look like a capable young lady, let me guess, is your second name Cassida? Let me show you arou-" Before the door clicked shut, cutting off the rest of her speech. Luceate surveyed the deans office. Carpeted and covered in bookshelves was the simplest way to describe it.

She walked up to the desk where Irae and an older man were already sitting. She took the seat next-to Irae and listened as the older man cleared his throat.
"Well, Irae... I've decided that you're ready to know why we brought you here. We had a tip-off you see, that you would eat the Recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, we arrived a moment too late to prevent you from consuming it. You're now a time bomb; you have the devils luck which means that instead of receiving misfortune in small doses, in six hundred and sixty six days all of your stored... 'bad' luck, will be released in a single go. As a favour to an old friend, I've taken on the task of getting you prepared."

Irae was both curious and angry. "Who is this friend?" "You'll find out."

"How long will he need to stay here?" Luceate asked.

"All of the remaining days. After the six hundred and sixty sixth it will no longer matter unless he survives. The chances of which are dubious unless you can manage to complete our senior school and manage to get at least three degrees in the next twenty months." The dean seemed deadly serious.
Irae looked down. "You know. I would never have believed any of this, even a few days ago. I'm stubborn.... but danm. I just got killed by a pyrokinetic man bear pig. Any idea how that feels?" He continued without waiting for a response.

"I've learned how to do crazy things, Impossible things. Surprises and challenges have awaited me every day from the second I've woken up here.... but..... I guess you'll have to tell your friend to take back his favour- because if Luceate can't join me, well. I made a promise to keep her company and I'll stick to it."

"Still as stubborn as ever, aren't you Irae...." The dean murmured.

He looked up with a venerable smile and held out his hand.

"I John beam, the dean of the CAS^3, hereby enrol Luceate Pecunia as a day-student at our school. I give you my word.... and the papers which I signed in advance. All Luceate need do is initial on the bottom line.... Same for you Irae. You aren't officially enrolled here. That changes today. Will you join us?"

Irae looked sideways at Luceate who nodded. "We will. We accept!" they chorused, picking up the pens he'd laid out for them and signing at the bottom of the paper.

The dean's expression turned benevolent "Well. You've signed and I have great expectations that both of you will cook up a storm or two here in no time.... But now, go enjoy yourselves. You're only young once."

Irae slid off his chair and held out his hand, palm up to Luceate. She took it with a sunny smile and together they walked back to the door and out into the bright light and colourful atmosphere of the fair.
Together, again.

It's the end! Wasn't it a fun little journey getting there. I hope you all enjoyed something that was written in perhaps eight days.

In the meantime, if you were wondering:

Award list:

Most men and women killed in under a minute. Bezork- Aggressiveness purified.

Most Soldiers killed with a sidearm for the entire side. Minor stamina-X: removes lactic acid recovery time(Temp).

Most and highest proportion of headshots to body-shots. Accurion temporary enhancement.

The path less travelled, gained as we know by giving up a weapon to enter the control room pipe.
Agilimax- boosts flexibility for two hours.

One man army, gained as we know by single-handedly taking the control booth of the enemy side while more than fifty percent of their forces are still active.
Half a twelve gram jar of aspartamite cream; Absorbed through the skin, makes you spartanized(Temp).
Walkie-shorty, shooting a soldier speaking on their radio.
No award.
Purple heart: get wounded and survive the battle.
No award.
Saboteur; take a point behind the front lines.
Chameleon cream; Self explanatory, temporary fifteen minute invisibility.


Reward list:

First, do no harm- Heal an enemy who you yourself have shot.
Vitamancy vial

Honour and Trust- Leave an enemy you have disarmed alive without tying them up and declaring them a prisoner of war.
Honorific; resolve and magic reserve increase.

Matrix Worrier; Never reload once during a round. Sluggamancy

Bunker buster; Clean out a fully occupied enemy bunker without any team-mates assisting or taking any damage. Pyrokinesis

Bursting your bubble; Kill more than one enemy with the hubba-bubbanator without actually releasing the bubble from the gun AND without hurting yourself when it pops. Boom bubble breath bubble-bath (Warning; Not to be taken orally.)

From My Cold Dead Hands; Take an enemy gun from a frozen enemy and use it to kill the rest of their squad. Cryokinesis.
It's On The Other Foot; win a match while your team is losing in both soldiers killed and points controlled. Personal trait enhancer.

Beginners Luck; Win the match as a squad leader on your first go.
Anti-venom vial.
Inspiring aura; Act as a squad leader without giving a single order or taking a single casualty.

Riddle me this: Figure out the control-pad puzzle with the minimum number of keypresses. chameleon-cola.
Stealing the initiative; Win the round without ever following your commanders orders. Dem-bones-produces Reinforced ceramic spirals through-out your bone structure

Don't be alarmed- Avoid setting off any of the tunnel-alarms.
Chaemelion cola.

I'm in your base-killin' ur dudes;
Spring-heeled sarsaparilla

This chapter was 1337 words long.