There's a bit of a story behind this poem. A few years ago, in my first few years of highschool, I got bullied a lot. I had a speech impediment, and I've always been nervous around new people, so I guess I was an easy target. During a very rough patch, there was a crow, a rook I think but I may be wrong, that would follow me around. It felt almost as though it was watching over me, looking out for me. I think of it as a friend when I needed one most. Things got better, of course, and I'm more confident now, I've learnt to stand up for myself. I've not seen that rook for a while, and sometimes I wonder if it was real, or a figment of my imagination to help make things easier. I'm sure it was real.

Writing this poem was painful, because of the memories it brought back, but I'm also grateful that my life got better, that I made some (usually) wonderful friends, and of course that I had my rook there to look out for me.

Sometimes, when life's hard, I wonder where that rook is now. But I don't think I need it anymore, when there are so many people who's lives haven't gotten better yet, though I hate to think my rook might ever abandon me if I ever need it again.

Are you still there?

Is it just that I don't see you now?

Surely you wouldn't abandon me

Please, tell me how

Could you leave?

I got so used to you I thought you'd always be there,

Outside my window, or on my wall,

A friendly face when the world didn't seem to care,

I want to see you spread you wings,

To see you fly again,

You were a friend when I had none,

Sunshine in the rain,

Rook, where are you now?

With somebody else, lighting their dark?

I hear no wings outside my window,

No harsh or soft squark,

To remind me that there's life outside,

Is it that I don't need you now?

Does someone else need you more?

What if I need you again? Tell me how

Am I to find you,

If ever I need you,

If I need a friend again,

Where have you gone to?

Thank you, rook,

For every day and night,

When you watched over me,

And brought to me the light,

And promise you'll be back,

If the world turns dark again,

And sit beside my window,

When I need sunshine in the rain.