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Kuekuatsu Vol 2 : Daughter of the Sun

Chapter 1


The school nurse entered the infirmary, and walked past all the empty beds until she reached the only one that was occupied by the window, on left side of the room. She found a chair that was next to the bed and took a seat. The nurse crossed one leg over the other and shifted into a relaxed position as she watched her sleeping patient. A teenage girl with red hair slept in a peaceful state, completely unaware of her visitor. The nurse gave a cheerful smile as she leaned in to lightly brush the girls red hair. She had been waiting, to meet her for a long time. And now that the opportunity had arrived, the nurse simply wanted to watch the girl sleep. Similar to how a mother would watch her new-born child sleep. It was a moment she wanted to last forever, but there wasn't time for that. The nurse leaned in closer and whispered in the red haired girl's ear.

"Scarlet. Scarlet, it's time to wake up." The woman lengthened each word as if they were lyrics to a song.

Surely enough, Scarlet responded to the words and her eyes fluttered open. The first thing she saw was the nurses face smiling down at her. Over the years, Scarlet had been to the infirmary enough times to remember all the nurses that worked there, but the nurse who apparently couldn't keep her eyes off her, was definitely a new face. The nurse had bright golden ring-like eyes, that were deep and had somewhat of an enticing attribute too them. Her skin had a nice tanned complexion as if sun bathing were a part of her daily life, and her hair short and just as red as Scarlet's. Although she appeared to be human, there was something about her that Scarlet thought to be different, something more than just being of a race that wasn't human.

"She must be new". The teenager thought to herself.

"Hello Scarlet BlazeRune, How are you feeling?" The woman asked as she leaned back in her chair.

"Um…" Scarlet mumbled as she sat upright and turned her head to properly face the nurse.

"I'm fine I guess…" The girl shrugged, and then raised her arms to stretch.

"On second thought, I actually feel great" She added after a yawn.

"Good. I'm glad you feel that way" The nurse giggled, then leaned in again to shake Scarlet's hand in a cheerful manner.

Scarlet raised an eyebrow and gave the woman a weird look. The nurse seemed overzealous about the news. Once the nurse let go of her hand, Scarlet shifted her weight and sat cross legged in front of the nurse and then asked.

"How long have I been here?" She asked the nurse, while slightly looking past her to see rays of sunlight bleeding through the glass.

"Not long." She replied with a shake of her head.

Scarlet wanted a more specific answer, but decided to ask a more important question.

"Where is professor Spriggs?" She inquired.

"Don't worry you'll see her soon" The woman responded with yet another smile.

From Scarlet's point of view, the nurse looked proud, proud of her and only her. She seemed unusually odd for a new nurse.

"Who are you?" Scarlet asked with a serious, but more curious expression. "Is this your first day as a nurse in the academy?"

The nurse lit up with excitement and nearly hopped out of her chair. Scarlet was taken aback by the nurse's sudden enthusiasm, and waited for her answer.

"I am Amaterasu. The Goddess of the Sun." The nurse proudly announced, and didn't bother to answer the second question.

Scarlet's jaw dropped while the supposed goddess giggled at her expression. Scarlet believed in the gods, including Tsukiyomi, but they have never been known to visit earth, the spirit world was the only place where they reside. So the idea of the sun goddess standing before her was completely absurd.

"Are…are you serious?" the girl gave the nurse a nervous giggle, hoping that the woman was merely joking.

"Well of course I'm serious." She laughed. "But I think I can understand your skepticism, because this is my human form after all. So be honest with me, does this nurse outfit make me look fat?" The woman twirled around as a way of showing off the uniform.

"Um…no….you look great actually" Scarlet gave an awkward response.

"Aha! I knew I could pull it off!" Amaterasu said in a triumphant voice.

"You're not a real nurse….are you? Scarlet became serious.

"Nope, I'm not" The goddess smiled with both hands on her hips.

"Then who are you really? And why are you here? It's against the law to impersonate a staff member of a school." The teenager sounded aggressive now. She stood up from the bed and was eye level with the woman.

Amaterasu looked at Scarlet with the prideful eyes of a mother, and then spoke with a voice of elegance.

"I am who I said I am. Mortal laws do not apply to me. And the reason I am here is to see you, Scarlet BlazeRune. I've wanted to meet you for such a long time, and now, here I am." Her golden eyes began to shine.

"Why me, what the hell do you want with me?" Scarlet asked, and briefly glanced at the window to see the sun shine unusually bright.

"I don't really want much, I just wanted to meet my daughter for the first time" Amaterasu placed a hand on Scarlet's shoulder but the witch smacked it away.

"You're not making any sense!" She shouted, and clenched her fists as she glared at Goddess.

"There it is." Amaterasu smiled with pride. "There's that fire burning inside you. And it has sooo much potential"

"You're….you're crazy!" Scarlet yelled and pushed the woman away, then rushed toward the door.

While she ran, Amaterasu laughed, nothing maniacal or hysterical, just a gentle laugh. For a moment Scarlet stopped and turned her head toward the goddess. Her eyes widened in shock to see that the woman was gone, and only the blinding sunlight enveloping the room was there. Scarlet resumed her race toward the door, but stopped again when Amaterasu materialized in a flash of fire in front of the door.

"How…?" Scarlet gasped. "How did you do that!? You're not even holding a wand! What are you!?" She demanded.

"Spirit gods can dance through the dimensions, without the need for frivolous things such as wands." Amaterasu stepped toward the girl she claimed to be her daughter, and Scarlet in turn backed away as fear toward the woman who claimed to be her mother, grew inside of her.

"Scarlet, you don't need to be afraid." The sun goddess assured her. "I am your mother. Well, God mother to be more specific" She giggled.

Before Scarlet could even react, Amaterasu hugged her. The sensation was familiar, it was warm, loving, and gave the feeling of protection from all hostile entities. It was the same feeling the witch felt when her own mother charlotte hugged her. Could this mean that Amaterasu somehow spoke the truth?

"No…No…NO!" Scarlet shouted and pushed the sun goddess off of her.

"I am not your daughter! My mother's name is Charlotte BlazeRune! And you are not her. All this must be some sick illusion spell you placed on me!" While in her angered state, Scarlet threw a punch at the woman she believed to be psychotic and a liar.

Amaterasu folded her arms behind her back and stepped to the side. Having missed, Scarlet followed up with a round house kick. Amaterasu leaned back, dodging the left foot that sliced through the air in front of her face. Scarlet became fueled with rage with each failed attempt to land a hit. The sun goddess toyed with her as danced around the teenager and commented on some of her attacks. Scarlet continued her assault with a mid-air spin kick. Amaterasu backed off after evading the attack. Once she saw a brief opening, Scarlet rushed in to throw another punch, but the sun goddess caught it before it could reach her face.

"That fire you have is so delightful. I'm glad I met you today" The woman giggled.

Scarlet tried to retreat but the grip the woman had on her fist was too strong. Amaterasu easily blocked or repelled any further attacks, until Scarlet gave up.

"You are right about one thing. Charlotte is the one who gave birth to you. But I am the one who started your lineage, which dates back to ten thousand years."

"Ten thousand years?" The witch gasped.

"Yes, ten thousand years" She repeated with a smile. "Thinking about it know, it almost seems like yesterday when it all started" Amaterasu released Scarlet from her grip the moment she had a brief flashback.

"No, I don't believe you." Scarlet said as she backed away. "If you really are my god mother, then prove it!"

"I thought you would never ask." Amaterasu grinned.

More sunlight seeped into the infirmary and was slowly covering every inch of the room with its blinding rays, but the light was unable to capture Scarlet's attention. Amaterasu's red hair grew long, long enough to reach down her back. Then the red hair was set ablaze. Scarlet was awestruck when she saw the woman's hair turn into fire, and wondered what further demonstration the so called goddess had for her. The sun goddess's nurse outfit burned away and was replaced with ceremonial robes fashioned with the colors of red, white and gold. Along with a gold tiara with a sun shaped insignia placed upon it.

Scarlet was speechless when she saw Amaterasu's god form, she appeared to be gentle, powerful, and loving. Lastly the gold in Amaterasu's eyes revealed a shade of emerald green. Scarlet tried to deny what she was seeing, but found it difficult to do so. She held on to the possibility of the entire scenario being an illusion or dream, but what was happening in that moment seemed real, too real. Illusion spells are all meant to seem real to imitate reality, but even the strongest of illusions had its limits.

"I can tell that you are still not convinced, but I am not really here to prove anything to you." For once Amaterasu spoke seriously.

"Then….what are you here for?" Scarlet spoke in the same tone of voice.

"I need you to find an artifact. That artifact is your birthright and it's time for you to collect it"

"I don't understand. A birthright should go to the first born child. And if you really are my God mother, then you're also my sister's god mother. So why aren't you telling Ruby all of this?" She inquired.

"Ruby BlazeRune is not the chosen one, you are" The goddess said dismissively.

"What makes me so special?"

Without saying a word, Amaterasu drew closer to Scarlet, and the witch stood her ground and did not flinch. With one finger, the sun goddess tapped Scarlet's forehead. The young witch blinked, and glared at the goddess with a curious expression.

"What did you do?" She asked feeling suspicious.

The sun goddess smiled, then reached into her robe and pulled out a mirror. Scarlet screamed in horror when she saw that her hair was just like her god mothers. Scarlet screamed again and let out a few curses for a moment. But when she realized she wasn't in any pain, she calmed down. Her hair stayed the same length it normally was and even felt the same. The only difference now was how it looked, and it looked like she had flaming hair.

"That is what makes you so special, Scarlet" Amaterasu placed her hand on her shoulder. "None of your siblings have this gift. You are the only one I can truly call my daughter."

Scarlet fell silent, looked down at the ground, and was at a loss for words, it was so much to take in and she wasn't sure if she could handle it. Many questions began to flood her mind. Questions about who she really was, where she belonged, and if she had been lied to her whole life. Amaterasu saw the sorrowed look on her face and her heart sank. She raised Scarlet's head up by the chin so the young witch would look at her.

"I know that all of this is unexpected and very confusing, but I need you to cheer up and be strong like you always are, okay?" The goddess smiled.

Scarlet simply nodded in response.

"So, about that artifact" Amaterasu continued. "It's actually a necklace that used to be one whole piece centuries ago, but one day it became separated into two parts. Unfortunately, I cannot search for them myself. However, I did manage to narrow down the location of one of the artifact pieces. So this is where you come in, I need you find the ruby gemstone somewhere in the Boro'lin Country side. Do you understand?"

"I….I guess…" Scarlet muttered, having a hard time understanding what was real and what wasn't.

For a moment, Scarlet looked from the corner of her eye, and saw that the entire infirmary was empty; the room was entirely white with the sunlight.

"What the hell….?" She whispered as she examined what used to be the infirmary. The witch was so focused on the sun goddess that she failed to realize what was happening around her.

"What going on?" She turned to face the goddess.

"We're running out of time. The connection is about to break" Amaterasu sighed.

"What does that mean?" Scarlet demanded.

"You'll understand soon enough, just remember everything we talked about today, and we'll talk again soon, I promise" Amaterasu rushed in for one last hug.

Scarlet hugged her back, even though she was still a stranger.

"I don't understand any of this" Scarlet said quietly, as a single tear left her eye.

Amaterasu tried to say more, but she began to disappear into the bright light. Once everything faded to white, Scarlet blinked, and found herself awake in the infirmary. Her eyes darted from left to right, and then she sat upright for a more thorough examination. Other students were in the infirmary as well, some were sleeping, getting medical treatment, and others were occupied with reading or other activities.

She looked toward the left side of the room and saw through the window and realized it was nightfall. Scarlet wanted to feel relieved that whatever she just experienced is over, but she couldn't help but feel distressed. The young witch brushed through her red hair and thankfully it wasn't on fire. And there wasn't a woman with that hairstyle anywhere in sight either.

"Scarlet BlazeRune, you have another visitor" A nurse announced while passing by.

"I see you're finally awake" Said a familiar voice.

Scarlet gave a sigh of relief and turned to face her professor.

"I'm so glad to see a familiar face" She sighed and laid back down on the bed.

"Why is that? You've only been asleep for a few hours." Professor Spriggs said before taking a seat on the bed. "Your performance during the exam was absolutely magnificent by the way."

"Thanks…" Scarlet muttered. The exams should be the main thought running around in her mind…but it wasn't.

"What's wrong?" Spriggs asked.

"I…." Scarlet paused. "I….I had an incredibly bizarre dream" She sighed deeply then covered her face with her hands.

"Want to talk about it?" Spriggs asked feeling concerned.

"No…I….I just want to go home"

"Okay, but you'll have to spend the night here first. Then you can take the bus home in the morning." Spriggs informed her.

"That's fine with me." Scarlet replied. "So where are Sonya and Sally?"

"Actually, you just missed them. I met up with those two on their way out. They told me you were still asleep, but obviously you're not." The professor giggled.

"Do you know where they went?" Scarlet inquired.

"Right now, they're probably in their room, either packing up or figuring out what they are going to wear for the party tomorrow." Spriggs shrugged.

"Oh yea, I almost forgot about that….." Her words trailed off.

"Will you be attending?" The professor's head tilted slightly when she asked the question.

"Maybe….I don't know…I'll think about it…" Scarlet sighed and twirled some of her red hair around a finger.

"Oh come on Scarlet, what happened to that fire you always inside you?" Spriggs smiled.

Scarlet's eyes widened in shock and she shuddered a little. Amaterasu's words came back to remind her of what happened while she slept.

"That fire you have is so delightful, I'm glad I met you today" The words of her god mother looped and replayed themselves without stopping.

Scarlet rubbed the temple of her forehead as if she had a migraine and then turned to face Professor Spriggs.

"Is something wrong?" The woman asked when she saw the look on Scarlet's face.

"Professor….what do you know about Demi-Gods?"