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Kuekuatsu V2 Chapter 12

A Promise that Transcends Time.

Within the dark abyss of his unconscious mind, a voice reached out to him. Urging and pleading for him to return, to the realm of reality.

"Kuekuatsu!" A woman cried out. "Kuekuatsu, please wake up!"

When two warm hands clasped around his paw, the boy started to become self-aware. And the physical contact felt soothing.

"Kuekuatsu!" She cried again.

A light emerged from the unconscious abyss, and journeyed to the surface, hailing the call of the one who seemed to care for him. Soon, his eyelids pulled back, allowing his gift of sight to activate. The image was blurry at first but given time, everything came into focus. He saw fire, golden fire. In the form of hair, the flames lively flowed around the woman who sat by his side. Tightly holding his paw, never wanting to let go, the woman gave a joyous smile as fiery tears trickled down her cheek. The gold rings in her eyes shone with brilliance, and the emerald sclera's complimented them. The boy's muzzle opened up as he took in some air, and his chest heaved while his lungs expanded in the moment.

"C-Calliope?" He wheezed, after his intake of breathe. "W-What are you doing here?" He asked, even though he had no idea where 'here' was.

"That's a stupid question..." She sniffed, and then held his paw close to her chest. "You called me."

"I did..?" The wolf drawled, and the woman replied with a nod.

The boy took in another breath of air. While he did that, his nostrils flared as they caught the woman's scent. A smile then slowly broke across his muzzle.

"You smell nice…" He murmured, making her blush and giggle. "How did you find me…?" he tried to move his body, but the effort was futile.

"Does it matter?" she tilted her head slightly. "You remember the promise we made, right?"

The wolf exhaled slowly, as he became more relaxed. When he remembered the promise, he recited it with a gentle smile.

"No matter what, we will always find each other..."

"That's right." Calliope nodded. "We will always find each other…" Her voice started to echo.

Kuekuatsu's eyes widened, when Calliope's image began to distort.

"Ketsu!" She called out to him. "Ketsu, wake up!" Her image began to fade, as her voice changed.

"Damn it Ketsu, we can't lose you again!" the voice of a young boy roared. "Wake up!"

For the second time, Kuekuatsu's eyes opened. Kneeling by his left side was a little girl, who clutched his paw between her claws, as she cried tears of joy. To his right, a much older boy was seen wiping his tears away, not wanting his older brother to see them.

"Kaylan…Kogenta…?" He murmured, as his eyes panned between the two young lycans.

At that moment, his senses returned, allowing him to become more aware of his surroundings. The ground beneath him was cold, and soft like powder. The sky above was covered with a blanket of clouds, with several rays of sunlight sifting through the seams. When his nostrils flared, he caught the scents of six individuals, including himself. The black wolf tried to move his body again, this time he had the aid of this two siblings. Now that he was sitting upright, he saw two adult wolves sitting before their pups. It appeared that they had suffered injuries of their own, but the relieved expressions on their muzzles, showed that they did not care, as long as their son was alright.

"Welcome back, Ketsu" His mother sniffed, and wiped away tears with her paw.

"What…happened…?" The black wolf uttered slowly. Then his eyes panned to the left, where he saw a man with red wings standing nearby. "And who the hell is he?" He meant to let out a fierce growl, but it sounded weak. In fact, his whole body seemed to ache.

"After we left the Cave of Elements, there was an explosion…" The white wolf answered his son. "And unfortunately, we were hit by the shockwave." He slightly grimaced, when his broken ribs ached.

"After we heard the explosion, we got here as soon as possible" Kogenta picked up where his father left off.

"When we arrived, all of you were unconscious on the frozen lake. And it was starting to crack. So we had to act fast." Kaylan added.

"I see…." Kuekuatsu muttered and looked down. Kaylan let go of his hand, and motioned to hug her brother.

"I'm so glad you're alright Ketsu. I knew you were alive the whole time." She sobbed.

Kuekuatsu lifted his weak arms, and returned his sister's hug. At that moment, he saw the back of his left paw, which had a lightning shaped tattoo that was painlessly carved by the thunder god himself. The black lycan thought back to the war zone he and his parents endured, during their time in the spirit world. It was something he never wanted to experience again. Kuekuatsu then glared at the red Enochian a second time, after Kaylan let go.

"Who is he?"

"That's Larvitz..." Kogenta snarled, when he glanced at the winged man from the corner of his eye. "He knows the elf who attacked you, and sent those yetis after us."

"WHAT?" The black wolf growled, and bolted to his feet.

Larvitz gasped and took a step back, when he saw the hostility in the wolf's eyes. Kuekuatsu took a step forward, but unfortunately that was all he could muster, and when the black wolf fell back into the snow, his two siblings quickly tried to help him up.

"Ketsu take it easy," Kogenta pulled up his brother by his right arm, while Kaylan lifted from the left.

Kuekuatsu picked his head up from the snow and focused his attention on the Enochian.

"What's his name?" He roared at Larvitz. "Tell me!"

"Kuekuatsu, you need to calm down!" His father barked as he rose to his four feet, but then stumbled after trying to take a step forward.

"I need to know!" the black wolf barked back.

Larvitz sighed, if his wings weren't still stiff from being bound the night before, he would have flown away hours ago. But he couldn't, and in a way, he had a responsibility to tell Kuekuatsu what he knew. The red Enochian took a step forward, and answered the black wolf.

"The name of your attacker is Kenji Locra. I do not know the reason why he attacked you and your pack. But I assure you, I had no part in it." He explained himself.

"Kenji…" Kuekuatsu snarled as the name rolled off his tongue for the first time.

The black wolf thought back to his last memory of the elfin assassin. The elf had plunged metal claws into his back, and even after they were removed, his wounds did not heal as fast as they normally would, resulting in his death. Soon the hallucinations he experienced, in Tsukiyomi's rejuvenation chamber came to mind. Kenji had declared that killing him would please his master…Kuronous.

"What do you know about the wild hunt?" Kuekuatsu barked at Larvitz after rising to his knees. Kaylan and Kogenta sat by his side, making sure that he didn't fall over.

"The wild hunt?" Larvitz raised an eyebrow. "I've only heard rumors about them, and I doubt they really exist" The Enochian grinned a little, but that grin faded when he put the pieces together. "Wait a minute, Kenji might be a member of the—"

"The Wild Hunt," Kuekuatsu interjected with a growl. "I had that part figured out already; just tell me what you know, even if they are rumors"

"Well, I've heard that their numbers are unknown, the same goes for their base of operations. The guild master probably has his agents make sure that information never gets leaked. And speaking of those agents, it's also rumored that they are stationed all over the world. From the Sky kingdoms of Valhalla and Sevonia, to the oceans of Anoktsu'Talis, and apparently, even here in Coventos…" The Enochian trailed off and looked away.

"Can someone please fill me in?" Kogenta blurted. "Why the hell did this, 'wild hunt' agent attack us?"

"It's a long story, Kogenta." Kuekuatsu sighed at his brother's question. "There are still some things I don't even know yet."

"Then explain what you do know" The younger lycan growled back.

"No! No more fighting," Kaylan said in a distressed tone, and looked around at everyone. "Nothing good has happened since we got here. I don't like the Taiga forest." She whimpered. "I want to go home; I want all of us to go home!"

For a moment, everyone fell silent, until the black wolf spoke.

"You guys can go home, but I can't, at least not yet..." Kuekuatsu spoke softly.

"Why not?" Kaylan gasped.

"What are you talking about, Ketsu?" Kogenta barked, while his furry white ears folded back. "You've been through enough! Hell, and we've all been through enough! Let's just call it quits and go home."

Kuekuatsu shook his head. "I can't do that, Kogenta. A lot has happened while I was gone. And unfortunately, everything that happened here was only the beginning." He shot his brother a serious look.

Kogenta looked into Kuekuatsu's eyes for a moment, and then turned to their parents. "Mom, Dad! Are you hearing this?"

"Yes," Axel nodded.

"Your brother is right" Keiko admitted with a sad look on her muzzle. "It would be too dangerous for him to return home, now that he's been targeted. And his assassin is still alive out there somewhere." She looked down as another tear escaped her eye. "And we can't rule out the possibility that more will be on the way…"

"Then what the hell is the game plan?" The young white lycan roared. "All three of you can barely move, and that Kenji-guy is out there lurking in the shadows!"

A veil of silence had befallen them again, until the Enochian spoke.

"We must go to the rain-forest Yggdrasil. That's where the oracle is, and I'm sure that she can provide you with more information than I can." Larvitz suggested. "As for Kenji, if he shows up again. I will deal with him, personally." The Enochian clenched a fist.

"Wait a minute, how do you know the oracle?" Kuekuatsu asked, remembering the one responsible for showing him the dream he had four days ago.

"She is the one who sent me, and my partner Azalie, on a mission to locate you and the witch that attends Alcaster Academy."

"W-What does this Oracle person want with Ketsu?" Kaylan mumbled.

"She wants to provide protection for him." Larvitz answered. "We want to help you take down Kuronous before he revives."

"Kuronous? What's a Kuronous?" The young she-wolf looked puzzled.

"It's nothing for you to worry about, Kaylan." Kuekuatsu quickly dismissed her question. "Anyway, does the oracle plan on protecting Scarlet as well?"


"The witch!" He barked.

"Oh, well. I guess so; otherwise, what would have been the point of having you save her?" The Enochian shrugged.

"Moron…" Kogenta muttered, and shook his head.

Kuekuatsu pondered for a moment. Wondering what role did Scarlet play in all of this. Did she have a connection with the events that occurred ten thousand years ago? At that moment, he remembered the woman he saw before he woke up. She looked so much like Scarlet, but instead of red hair, she had golden flames for hair. And how did he know her by name without even asking? Was it simply a dream? Perhaps another one implanted by the Oracle? No…It was more than that…

"Calliope…" The wolf whispered to himself.

Kuekuatsu reached into his pants pocket, and slowly pulled out a card he had not seen nor thought about since the last time he saw Scarlet. The black wolf then glanced at his invitation to the fire mages graduation ceremony. Her teacher, Professor Spriggs had given it to him as a sign of thanks for saving her students life.

"Larvitz," Kuekuatsu looked up to the red Enochian.


"We are going to Alcaster Academy." He then looked at his parents, and siblings. "I want the rest of you to return home."

"No." His father barked. "In case you have forgotten, you have not participated in the wolf trials in our homeland of Luna'Crest. Therefore, I cannot permit you to go off on your own without supervision." Axel returned the glare his son gave him.

"Dad I—"

"This isn't open for discussion! You may think you're all grown up now, but you're not! Not yet at least…"

"Fine…" The father and son maintained a steely glare toward one another.

Not willing to wait for another moment of silence to stir, Larvitz continued the conversation.

"Why do you want to see the witch? The oracle is the one who has the answers you want"

"I know, but I just want to make sure that Scarlet is safe first, because there's a chance that she's been targeted too. She could have already been attacked for all I know."

"What makes you say that?" Larvitz replied.

"I don't know. It's just a gut feeling." The black wolf admitted, and then stood on one knee. "Besides, I think it would be rude to ignore my invitation." Kuekuatsu showed off the card as she rose to his feet.

"Then it's settled. We shall go to this academy, and check up on your new friend." Keiko gave a gentle smile as she helped her mate stand on his feet.

"Let's get going, it may take an entire day or more to return to our forest." Axel said, in his gruff voice.

Now that enough time had passed for them to heal. The Werewolves dashed through the snow, focused on their next destination. As they traveled, the young white wolf Kogenta, mocked the red enochian who had not yet regained his ability to fly.

Over a mile away from where the lycans had just left. A young elfin boy, painted in the blood of a deer he recently hunted, sat under a tree with his eyes closed, and legs crossed. All four of his senses had been decreased, in order to amplify the one he needed to eavesdrop. After the sound of paws trotting across the snow veered out of his extended range. The elf commanded his senses to return to normal. Moments later, he took in a deep breath and exhaled, then opened his eyes. A frustrated snarl sifted through his teeth, as he clenched a fist which was equipped with an abnormal metallic claw. His mission was incomplete, and he was beginning to wonder if it was even possible for him to finish it, with his wounds still afflicting him from the day before, while his target was practically as good as new. A clump of snow slipped off of the branch he sat under, and made itself comfortable on his black haired head. The young elf bared his teeth, as if they were fangs, jumped up to his feet, and grabbed the ninjato strapped to his back and...

*SWISH* The tree he sat under, had been cleaved horizontally.

Holding the blade in a reverse grip, the elf twirled it, and returned it to its sheath. With a swift thrust of his left leg, he slammed the tree, and watched as it fell to the ground. For a brief moment, he remembered slicing through an old target the same way he did the tree.

"Kenji." A man's voice echoed, as if the wind itself were trying to communicate with him.

The young elf clenched his fists as he cursed under his breath. His purple eyes panned to the corner, then his body turned to face the nearly transparent figure before him. Kenji dropped to one knee, bowing before the Guild master of the Wild Hunt.

"Father…" Kenji replied respectfully. "Why have you come?"

With his hands crossed behind his back. The adult elf gave his son a steely glare, with disappointment seething from his dark brown eyes.

"Last night, you informed me that you had slain Kuekuatsu. But you neglected to confirm the kill, now its nearing the middle of the day." The guild master's deep voice rose while his patience fell. "So answer me this, Kenji. Is Kuekuatsu still alive? Or am I right to assume that your armor is now stained with his blood?"

A brisk wind brushed through the strands of black hair that fringed over the young assassins face, while he paused.

"Kuekuatsu…" Kenji reluctantly muttered. "Is still alive…"

The guild master's eyes narrowed as his nostrils flared with anger.

"How?" He roared. "How is it possible that you have failed? My own son, whom I have personally trained! In addition, you had a herd of yetis at your command, and your weapons were crafted with poisonous Silfarion metal! Have I not stressed enough, how much of a threat that Lycan is to our master's plans!" If the adult elf had physically been there, he would have struck his son.

"I…Underestimated them." Kenji's knuckles turned white as he clenched his fist and stared at the snow covered ground. "I underestimated the strength of a wolf pack…"

"…Then let that be a mistake, neither of us will make a second time." The guild master's voice rumbled. "Have you acquired any useful information, since you battled Kuekuatsu?"

"Yes." Kenji nodded. "Kuekuatsu's pack consists of five members, including himself. And I have recently discovered that Larvitz Falkner is with them."

"The Barons son?" Kenji's father looked surprised. "What is he doing so far from home?"

"I do not know. But the affairs of the Enochian dynasty were not relevant to my mission, so I ignored it."

"Very well, go on."

"I believe he and his sister followed me to the Taiga forest. Apparently commanding a herd of Yetis to maintain stealth was an impossible task. After my battle with Kuekuatsu, I was left unconscious. That was when I inadvertently contacted you through my astral form. Once I returned, I realized that I had become Azalie's prisoner, and she interrogated me."

A small growl escaped the elfin man's throat. "The Barons daughter is a smart girl…What did she figure out before you escaped?"

"Azalie witnessed my ambush against the werewolves. So denying my allegiance to the Hunt was futile. I can only assume my cover at the rainforest Yggdrasil has now been blown."

"Hmph…A minor setback, it's nothing to worry about." The guild master shrugged.

"Their next destination is the last piece of intel I've acquired. They're heading for Alcaster Academy, to meet with a witch by the name of Scarlet. The oracle has had visions of her as well." Kenji concluded.

"Is that so…?" His father stroked his chin as he pondered. "Perhaps we are in luck." He grinned.

"What do you mean, Father?"

"This may be a long shot, but that witch just might be Calliope's descendant. The fact that the oracle has acknowledged her should be proof enough. And since Kuekuatsu knows her, and probably views her as a friend, that raises the bar even further." The elf chuckled. "Perhaps my daughter is more than an inferior replacement."

Kenji blinked in surprise, when his father referred to his sister by a title other than, the oracle.

"Kenji, the importance of your mission has just doubled. Therefore, I will be sending in another agent to help you."

"Who is it…?" the young assassin growled in disgust.

"Zed." His father smirked.

Kenji's eyes widened "Zed! Why him? He can't be trusted, he's too unpredictable!"

"True, but I can trust that you can keep him under control, right?" The guild master raised an eyebrow.

"Yes…" Kenji nodded slowly. "I can handle him"

"Good. Be sure to brief him when you two rendezvous at the academy. Your mission is to find Scarlet and retrieve the ruby gemstone, and kill Kuekuatsu in the process. And just to be safe, kill Scarlet as well."

"Yes, Father" Kenji nodded.

"You are dismissed." The guild-master's nearly transparent image faded from existence.

Now that he was alone again. Kenji rose to his feet and started walking to the werewolves' last location. From there he put his honed hunting skills to use. His newly updated mission had begun.

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