My heart,

You ripped it out.

I love you anyway,

Because you don't realize what you did.

I hold on to the pain,

The remorse,

And it shows me I am alive.

You apologize,

But you cant help how you feel.

I don't blame you but I want to know.


I don't think you will answer,

But you might.

I see you recoil on the inside,

And it makes me shudder.

I fear what is to come,

A claw of it cups my heart,

Caresses it,

I love you,

And you turn away,

So I give in to the remorse,

The pain,

And that brief second of weakness is what you see when you turn back,

And you apologize again.

I worry what will happen now,

But all the same I take you in my arms,

I love you,

So don't apologize.

I will never get mad with you,

Because I love you.