Over names as though they were no one,
he wrote for their loves' unlettered,..
of Humans no longer...Being generic
in bodies of work
...calling in me
a thought to the forefront:

"In Line,
'I want to talk to you.'

with point inverted,
'Who me?'

'No. The you behind you.'"


Solis Astrays emerged from the basing default of Night;
these astrals were His bequeathing,
as much by This millenary spectrum
was, too, the conception of Man
when likened to his using of lidded eyes.

And in such, mine fore-sought
They longed for anticipation,
the truest currency of this Man
as to a recollection of dreams or sired thought
but 'taining solely Mere prior;

for All could only fall short of somewhere I wasn't.