Need of Explanation grew out of my frustration with the world today. I realize after writing this poem that the problem we face is a social problem. I believe there are many people that wish to do good but just do not know how to.

The trappings of modern society has made it so it is impossible to be satisfied with what you have and for you to really focus on others.

The growing individualism scares me I feel our world needs to realize the only way to survive is by recognizing each others right to life and recognizing every resource is ours not the corporate company next door but ours.

Anyhow R &R!

Please do explain
Oh humanity
Why oh why
This little concept
Is foreign to you?

Why is the concept
For greater good
Or just for goodness
Not practiced
Yet worshiped?

I am confused humanity
Very confused

Why the endless wars?
Why destroy resources?
Why the poverty and hunger?
Please tell me why...

Because I hate this world
I am disgusted to be human
Yet also proud
We have some sliver
Of distant hope
For tomorrow

We are stupid fools
Capable of goodness
Yet blinded by greed and Self

One day
Not today
But one day
We'll get it