Linda was rushing her way back to home after her daily walk with her dog, Lola, in the snow. Her mother would get seriously pissed if she'd come home late for dinner again, not to mention the shouts from her drunk step-dad she'd have to tolerate. Still, Linda couldn't help she always lost track of time during her walks. She loved the snow.

Suddenly Lola came to a halt. Linda, trusting her dog with her life, halted as well. If everything had been all right, Lola wouldn't have stopped.

Strange enough her empathetic senses didn't tell her anything. If someone would be around her gift would allow her to feel that one's presence, however there was nothing. It was quiet. Too eerily quiet for Linda's liking. She nibbled nervously on the inner corner of her lip, hoping to feel something.

"Hello there," a deep voice sounded ahead of her.

The sudden appearance made Linda's heart beat frantic. Yet, she tried to remain composed. Linda held on tight to Lola's leash. As long as Lola was by her side, nothing would happen to her.

"Hello?" She did her best hiding the trembling voice her heart caused. "C-can I help you with anything?"

"Actually, you can."The voice had come closer to her.

She gulped audibly. "What can I help you with?"

Whoever was out there was now very close to her. Close enough for Linda to smell his winter-fresh scent that had an odd, soothing effect on her body.

Linda cringed at the touch of his bare, permafrost hand on her cheek and wanted to flee from this unearthly stranger. Her feet were sadly enough frozen one with the ground. Still feeling Lola's warmth against her leg gave her the slightest bit of security, though she found it strange that her overprotective dog hadn't jumped the stranger.

"Why don't you look me in the eyes and relax?" The stranger requested. His voice sounded darkish, yet very seductive. His hand lowered from her cheek, sliding softly over her skin to rest in the crook of her neck.

His touch made her skin tingle like an ice cube ran over her body and caused her to shudder.

Linda thought right then and there that she was going to be strangled to death by his bare hands.

"Let me take a bite out of you," he said with the same tone.

She made a mental correction. He wasn't going to strangle her immediately. He was going to torment her first, before she got strangled.

"You smell so scrumptious."

Linda whimpered, wanting to scream and shout for help. But the low, pathetic cry was the only thing that she could produce in her state of fear.

He hushed her soothingly, hitting her face with his tempting, aromatic breath. "It won't hurt, as long as you look me in the eyes and relax."

"A blind girl can't look you in the eyes," Linda whispered after gathering her shattered courage together. She knew far too well what she said didn't make sense, but it was the first thought that managed to escape her lips.

Without another word, the hand released her and Linda only felt a cold wind passing by her with a whoosh.